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“Am I in Trouble?”

Ann gets into a sticky situation when hotel security sifts through her personal belongings
16 min read

Beat Away the Wintertime Blues

A cure for seasonal stress is surprisingly close at hand
Allison Leigh
2 min read

That Thing I Like

“Tonight, you can do that thing you like.” Her voice snapped me out of my morning news consumption. I looked up and...
Sorcha Rowan
5 min read

A Girl’s Best Friend — is tongue-tied

A Girl’s Best Friend — is tongue-tied I pry my eyes open after she accidentally hit me in the head. No pain, I knew...
Asa Erotica
5 min read

Is Cuckoldry Meant For Me?

ID 26442897 © Wisky | A husband or boyfriend might one day ask himself this question: Am I meant to be a cuck? Is...
Damien Dsoul
3 min read

The Auction

A tale of subservience
Adriana M
2 min read

The Risk In Women’s Nipples

#wethenipple tries to #freethenipple to no avail.
Allison Leigh
1 min read

Very Thankful

It was Thanksgiving weekend and we had been invited to a family-friend’s house in Miami for the occasion. Our host’s apartment was...
Lola Down
19 min read

Please Come Back

I couldn’t pretend to be the oneyou wanted me to be and still be your friendI couldn’t pretend not to see the...
Anthony Cloe Huie
30 sec read

Cougar Meet

“You should have a one night stand,” my friend Candice told me as she drank her fifth glass of wine. I had just...
Danielle Kennedy
5 min read