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Sleeping With a Friend

I always get sad around this time of year. It’s a time when I realize that my circle of family and friends...
7 min read

The Insatiable Female

Standing here at the train station, imagining her awaiting my arrival, a lifetime it seemed had past. She would have kept herself...
Anthony Cloe Huie
10 min read

Meet the New Porn

How the internet brought out adult entertainment’s empowering side
Allison Leigh
2 min read

Breakfast, served

I am sitting at the table as she starts scrambling my eggs and playing with my sausage. It is the second scrambling...
21st Century Loving
3 min read

Giving a Wife Back Her Sexy

A married woman rediscovers sexual desire
Colt Stevens
7 min read

Thinkin’ ‘Bout her Black Boss

Welcome to 2020, my dear followers and readers. Thank you for having stuck with me for the past years. We still have a long...
Damien Dsoul
4 min read

I suppose I like it BIG

Some poetry, some alcohol, and lots of wild fucking
8 min read

The Punishment

 “Stand still.” Mistress’s voice was gentle, but firm. I fidgeted. Mistress was helping me with my outfit, but I couldn’t be calm....
Isabelle Lauren
6 min read

Erotic Squirting For Pleasure

How I became a female squirter
Mathilda Oz
2 min read

Naughty Office Christmas Party

The company had a great year, and the Christmas party was time to celebrate our impressive profit margins. My boss, Christopher, had...
Danielle Kennedy
5 min read