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Truth or Dare

It’s 11 pm on a Thursday, and three girlfriends are drinking beers and enjoying a game of truth or dare in one...
Adriana M
3 min read

A Girl’s Best Friend — pretend pool boy

A Girl’s Best Friend — pretend pool boy The wind just called me a loser outside her bedroom window. “What are you doing here, I thought...
Asa Erotica
2 min read

Not Sure

“I’m not sure if this is a good idea.” His voice was barely a whisper, drowned out by the droning of the train....
Sam Talin
8 min read

Go ahead, touch my wife’s pussy

A generous man shares his lovely wife Go ahead, kiss her. Look at the way she’s smiling at you, fixing her eyes on...
Colt Stevens
6 min read

Bee’s New Hammock

Bee closed her eyes and her mind wandered to the Caribbean waters of her upcoming holiday. As she opened them again she...
21st Century Loving
3 min read

Bruises and Bite Marks

How I met Yuvraj: Chapter two (Continued from here) The morning after saw me sitting on my balcony, a cup of tea clasped in...
7 min read

Elsa’s Big Score

An excerpt from my recent novel ‘No More Keeping Secrets’. A hotwife and her husband head out on a fun night to see about...
Damien Dsoul
5 min read

The Boss Gets What She Wants

It was 10 P.M., and my lead analyst was working on the proposal for my imminent acquisition. I started in this business...
Danielle Kennedy
5 min read

Rag Doll

The fulfillment of a fantasy “Come on in, Ryan, make yourself comfortable.” I enter the bedroom, and my friend points toward an armchair...
Adriana M
4 min read

Motel Sex

Ann’s lust for a co-worker gets publicly exposed High heels are a little impractical in bed. Ann is half-naked and struggling to get...
5 min read