Beach Cougars

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Tracy and Jane lure some unsuspecting prey

“Boy, now there’s a fine specimen, Jane.”

Tracy’s words draw me out of a stupor. Sitting on the beach with her, I’d gotten lulled into it by the muted hiss and roar of the ocean. It’s been a relaxing day amidst a relaxing trip. Two best friend single moms, our nests freshly emptied, celebrating with a beach vacation featuring absolutely no agenda and a whole lot of wine. And now, after Tracy somehow found a private little alcove for us on the beach, an afternoon of lounging and conversation.

I shake my head a tiny bit to bring myself back to reality, and follow the path of Tracy’s gaze to its target. A shirtless guy out for a run. He is, indeed, easy on the eyes. Seeing his sinewy leg muscles and toned torso, I can see the running is obviously a habit. As he comes closer, I can see insignia from some college or another on his running shorts.

“You’re not wrong,” I reply. “But we’re about twenty years late for him, Sugar.”

Tracy scoffs. “Whatever. Either one of us could still bag him.”

I titter a bit. The thought is rather preposterous to me. I mean, maybe Tracy could. She’s kept herself in pretty good shape over the years, and sprung for an enviable pair of fake tits a few years ago that she doesn’t mind showing off. I swear, every time we go out for drinks I catch someone looking at them. They’re looking especially good today behind her red bikini top.

But me? Hardly. I left most anything you could call taut behind with my thirties. I’m in pretty good shape considering, but I’m not making any upcoming magazine covers. My relatively perky tits have gotten heavy, my midriff has gotten soft, and my ass is a lot bigger than it was when I was…well, when I was beach guy’s age. I absentmindedly brush my fingers across it as it fills out the back of my black one piece swimsuit.

“What’s so funny?” Tracy demands.

“Come on, Tracy,” I groan. “He’s too busy bouncing cheerleaders off his dormroom headboard to be interested in us.”

“Oh yeah?” Tracy sets her jaw, and I realize I’ve gone too far with my oh so competitive friend. Without breaking eye contact with me, she curls her tongue up and whistles a catcall. My eyes bulge and I cover my mouth.

“God, Tracy…” I mutter.

Our heads swivel to gauge the effect. Beach guy slows, and he’s close enough I can see his embarrassed smile. He seems to deliberate about what to do next, and I assume he’ll give us a polite nod before going on his merry way. But he stops instead and, after giving a shrug, exaggeratedly brushes his shoulder off.

Tracy laughs out loud. “Yessss, baby,” she crows.

Beach guy wanders the twenty yards over to our big beach blanket, its raised edges doing a good job of keeping the sand at bay. He’s got the smile of a real charmer. “Hello, ladies,” he says smoothly through his still-deep breathing. “How are you doing this afternoon?”

Tracy draws her fingertips to her chest in feigned shock. “My, what a gentleman. Somebody’s mama raised him right.”

A smile. “Well, when you grow up in the South, some things come naturally.”

Tracy nods appreciatively. “We’re doing fine…just enjoying the view.” She makes no secret of letting her gaze glide down his body.

I turn in time to see him blush a bit before he responds. “Well, there’s certainly no shortage of nice views around here.” Then his eyes sweep over her body in turn.

And over mine.

What…the hell?

Tracy leans back on her hands, arching her back a bit and accentuating her breasts. Her lips pull to the side in a wry smile. “You think so?” she coos.

“Without a doubt,” he says, a tone of finality in his voice.

I look back and forth between them, assess the situation. Is she really kindling sexual tension with this guy? This stranger? It seems a cat and mouse game, but I can’t tell who’s who.

Tracy touches the tip of her tongue to her upper teeth as she seems to weigh a response. “I don’t even know what to call you, mysterious beach stranger.”


“Hi Darren. I’m Tracy and this is Jane.”

Darren follows the nod of Tracy’s head toward me, makes eye contact. “Hello Jane.” His voice is like a scented candle, warm and somehow fragrant in its tone. Compared to Tracy’s sultry affect, I lack any semblance of idea about how to respond.

“Hi,” I manage weakly.

“That is one solid body you’ve got on you, Darren.” My eyes shoot a gaze of question and warning to Tracy. What the fuck is she doing? She’s made her point already…where’s she going with all this?

Darren turns back to her. “I could say the same for you.”

Tracy scoffs, rubbing her tummy. “What, this old thing? Come on, I could be your mommy, Darren.”

Darren shrugs a fraction. “I appreciate a woman who knows what she’s doing.”

Tracy’s smile is sinister. I watch as she draws her left hand lazily up her torso, fingernails dragging across the fabric of her top. Her nipples tighten in response, poking prominently through the thin fabric. “And do you think I know what I’m doing, Darren?” she says sultrily.

I’m rendered dumbstruck at the scene. Ninety seconds ago I was in a wave induced trance, and now I’m watching Tracy…seducing a college guy? Darren’s gaze fixates on Tracy’s tits, and his shifting stance draws my attention to his developing erection becoming evident through his running shorts. “I do,” he says quietly.

In one fluid motion, Tracy unties the back of her top and shrugs it off; it falls uselessly into her lap as she swivels onto her knees, hands drawing up to squeeze and tug at her tits. “C’mere, Darren,” she commands.

“Tracywhatthefuck,” I blurt, the syllables smashed together. Has she lost her fucking mind?

Tracy glances at me, her smile victorious now. “I don’t half-ass when I prove a bitch wrong.” Darren obeys, walking somewhat uncertainly over to Tracy. She meets his gaze, then starts stroking his stiffening cock through his shorts, humming appreciatively.

“Oh my fucking God,” I mutter, more to myself than to either of them. She’s not really going to do this, is she? As if in response, Tracy hooks her manicured nails under Darren’s waistband and tugs his shorts and underwear down. Darren flushes and looks away with a disbelieving puff through his nostrils, but makes no movement to retreat. Freed from constraint, his dick sways as it swells for Tracy. She gently takes it into her hand, testing its weight and prompting him to quickly finish filling out for her. It’s so thick, with such a pronounced head —

I look away. This is wrong. I shouldn’t be sizing up the penis of a guy the same age as my kids. But reflex draws my gaze back as he grunts. His head is thrown back, eyes closed. I look down.

Tracy’s sucking his cock.

I’m agape. How much wine did she have? One of her hands slides up and starts stroking the base of his shaft as her mouth tugs at him, while the other caresses her exposed tits. I don’t know what to do. Should I leave? I can’t just leave her with a stranger. Should I try to get her away? Darren’s fingers comb through her hair to the back of her head in encouragement. Tracy starts issuing muffled moans on him. And I realize…

…it’s making me impossibly wet.

I flush with embarrassment and desire all at once as I realize how turned on I’m getting watching my best friend suck off a stranger half our age on the beach in broad daylight. She’s obviously relishing this, her hands moving to his firm ass, fingernails nipping int
o the taut skin. He’s not sure what to do with his hands, eventually settling on interlacing his fingers behind his head. It makes the muscles in his arms pop, and I feel a mix of lust and guilt at the sight.

Suddenly I realize my hand has strayed of its own accord to my warming pussy, and I tear it away. I look back to Tracy. She’s looking right at me.

She caught me.

She pulls off Darren with a pop. “Whatcha doin’, Jane?”

Darren shifts his attention to me, and I turn scarlet. “I — uh,” I stammer.

Tracy looks up at Darren, still holding his cock wet with her saliva. “I think Jane would like this fat cock in her pussy.”

My eyes bulge. “WHAT? Tracy! What-”

“Gladly.” I look up as Darren’s gaze withers me.

Did he…did he just say he wanted to…to fuck me?

I look back to Tracy as she gets up and comes over to me, my eyes pleading. “Tracy, what are you…”

Her finger on my lips stops my protest. Her voice is quiet as she leans into my ear. “Tell me you don’t want it, Jane. You need this. You deserve this.” She slides around to my back, stroking my shoulders in moral support.

“Tracy…” I protest. The situation is so preposterous to me I can’t even figure out how to argue against it. I feel Tracy’s fingers under the shoulder straps of my swimsuit. “Don’t say no,” she whispers huskily into my ear.

My heart is pounding. “Tracy…”

“Don’t say no.” I hear a smile in her voice as she slides the straps over my shoulders. Darren has knelt in front of me, watching the proceedings with rapt attention, eyes hungry, cock throbbing. For…for me?

The straps slide down my arms. Part of me wants to flee, to tear myself away and run to the car, to go back to our normal boring vacation. But Darren’s gaze is blistering, ravenous, excitement at the prospect of seeing my breasts his only emotion, and it’s almost like I don’t want to disappoint him, this stranger who could have run right by.

And to be lusted after by this stud is…intoxicating.

The fabric begins to slide over my breasts, slowly uncovering them. I flush afresh and turn my head up, closing my eyes in embarrassment, my arms trapped at my sides by the straps as my heavy tits pop free of their constraint. Tracy kisses the top of my head in a silent attagirl. Then I hear it.


I open my eyes. Darren wets his lips with the tip of his tongue as he stares brazenly at my chest, his erection raging. I feel my nipples tighten in the sea breeze, see Darren’s instant appreciation cross his face. Tracy keeps wriggling my swimsuit, having less issue now that it’s cleared my tits. And a part of my brain thinks it’ll be over once he sees the rest, but his gaze never softens, and now Tracy pulls me down onto my back on the blanket, the shaded sand cool beneath it.

Darren approaches me and takes over, slipping my swimsuit the rest of the way off before walking on his knees between my thick legs, his girthy cock shadowing my plump pussy and its thick curls of lightly trimmed hair. Lowering a fraction, he probes through them and slides his shaft across my slickened folds, and I shiver to my core at the touch.

Oh my God, this is actually happening.

Tracy strokes my hair. “Looks like she’s ready for you, big boy,” she says. He doesn’t need much prompting. Taking the base of his shaft in his hand, he starts massaging my glowing pussy lips with his fat cockhead, lubing himself up. Then he lines his little slit up with me and pokes it into my folds.

“Ungggh,” I groan as he starts testing my resistance. My neglected pussy is tight, and he’d have been a challenge even at my sluttiest. But stroking my thighs, I feel pressure mount and abate as he patiently works me open. My breathing is short as I prop myself up on my elbows, struggling to believe the sight I’m seeing — this young, virile guy so eager for my mommy body.

My disbelief begins to erode, though, as he reaches down and starts powerfully kneading the flesh of my ass. He’s not hard up. He could have his choice of tight little co-ed pussies. He’s actually getting off on me. The thought relaxes me with a sigh, and I feel Darren start sinking deeper into me. A few more patient strokes and he’s got me worked open enough to bury himself to the hilt; his grunt is deep and satisfied as his balls come to rest against me.

“Ohhh, fuck yes,” Tracy whispers above me, then louder: “You like Jane’s little pussy, baby?”

“God yes,” Darren growls as he starts slowly thrusting into me, his abs rippling as he rolls his hips in waves. The last of my inhibitions and insecurities melt at his new expression of lust for me, and I spread my legs wider for him as I stop thinking and start just enjoying being fucked.

Seeming to sense it, Darren picks up the pace of his thrusts, making my tits shimmer in waves with each blow. They apparently entice him, because he lowers himself to me, and my breath catches as he closes his mouth around one of my big rosy nipples and starts deeply sucking before lavishing his tongue over it.

As much as I love watching, my arms are tiring and I start to droop. Tracy realizes and moves behind me, propping me up as she straddles me from behind, her firm tits smashed against my back.

I gasp as she reaches around me, hefting my breasts and pressing them together for Darren. “Yeah, bounce these juicy titties,” she says to Darren. He obliges, giving me three hard thrusts, making me issue a series of squeaky moans.

Tracy’s hands linger as they cup under my breasts, and my eyes widen as I realize she’s squeezing them ever so slightly. “Why have I never played with these, Jane?” Soon she’s working them over in earnest, pinching and tugging my nipples to Darren’s obvious approval as he keeps steadily pumping into me, strong hands holding my legs wide.

I’m overcome with lust, and with a desire to make Darren come hard for me. Impulsively, I move to roll over; Darren withdraws to allow my motion, and I flip to face a confused Tracy. I don’t allow her to say anything before I reach to the tie of her bikini bottoms, untying them and pulling them to the side, revealing her pink pussy beneath a closely trimmed triangle of hair. “Jane, what are you doing?” Tracy says in disbelief, her voice a half whisper as though she could keep it from Darren.

She’s always been the alpha between us, me the wilting wallflower by comparison. So I’m getting off on watching her back on her heels, unsure of what I’m about to do. I give her a hard gaze as I seize my new role.

“Don’t say no.”

With that I make a fluid motion, sliding my arms beneath her thighs and pressing my flattened tongue against the folds of her pussy. “Fu — Jane! Oh, fuck,” she whimpers. She starts moving, and my concern she’s retreating is relieved as I realize she’s merely laying back in order to lift her hips and offer herself to me. I steal a glance back at Darren’s wonderstruck face before lowering to Tracy again and digging into her in earnest.

“Aww, fuck yesss,” Darren hisses. I feel the pressure of his cockhead probing my slit and roll my hips for him, and soon he’s firmly lodged inside me, his hands clawing into my hips as he fucks me. Tracy’s breathing is ragged as she moves a hand down to strum her clit while I lick her with a pointed tongue as best I can with the battering I’m taking from Darren.

Soon Tracy’s voice changes, and I realize she’s nearing an orgasm. I bring my hand around her thigh, poking my middle finger into her as I continue lapping at her. The penetration proves too much. I feel her start bucking against my mouth as she starts to come, her slick pussy smearing my face with her nectar. The scent of her musk overwhelms me, and combined with Darren’s long, deep thrusts Tracy’s orgasm is inspiring, I can’t hold back anymore.

My own orgasm
seems to start at my core and radiate out to my pussy, an invisible fuse detonating me around Darren’s cock. I grunt against Tracy and shudder as it overwhelms me, my pussy quivering as it’s stretched over Darren’s relentless dick. His hands start to roam, caressing my ass and lower back as I come for him.

Tracy finally retreats from my mouth, too sensitive to bear my touch. I hear a grunt behind me and realize Darren’s close. As I feel him withdraw, I turn back over onto my back with effort, weak from my orgasm. But I need to see this.

And I’m just in time.

Darren starts jerking himself off, the foremost half of his cock shaft resting on my fluffy pubic hair. The vision of my plump tits and my face smeared with Tracy’s cum sends Darren over his own edge, and I watch as he issues an extended grunt and begins to spurt for me, a spluttering spray preceding three thick ropes of cum that fan out on my belly in squishy splats. A few more globs pump out as he abuses himself for me, and he keeps pumping his shaft, slick with my sex, until he’s squeezing the last pearls out onto the fluff of my bush.

“Oh my fucking God,” Tracy says behind me. I look at her, shellshocked, the realization her best friend just demanded to eat her pussy in a threesome with a college guy seemingly just dawning on her. I look back to Darren, sitting back on his heels, eyes unfocused. And I feel empowered. In control. I’m a different person now.

I’m not ready to give any of it up.

Reaching down, I scoop a big glob of Darren’s cum onto my finger and exaggeratedly draw it up and let it slop onto my waiting tongue. Then I look him in the eye as I swallow it.

“So, Darren…you got any dinner plans?”

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