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Roamers 2: Rosa comes clean about her dirty desires

Dix always found himself a dozen or so steps behind Rosa. She kept a steady pace that he struggled to match.

“I think I found our spot,” said Rosa.

“About time,” he said.

“Why do you seem so annoyed?”

“Maybe I’m sick of following your sorry ass around.”

It was the closest thing to a compliment from Dix. In fact, he was grumpy. Dix didn’t like to be distracted, but he couldn’t keep his hawkish eyes off those tiny khaki shorts Rosa had worn on their recon.

They crawled up to the ridge and Dix pulled out his binoculars. The camp didn’t look out of the ordinary. There were seven or eight men with machine guns guarding the perimeters along a rusty barbed-wire fence. There were decapitated heads of rival militiamen stuck onto the fence posts. Two men were hammering long spikes through the fence into the hearts of roamers.

Camps like this had popped up all over the countryside following the First Wave of the Roamer Virus.

The virus slowly turned its victims into a permanent vegetative state. The infected had many names. Fleshings, Irredeemables; but Roamer was the one that stuck. Patient R-0 had been treated by Dr. Romer, who became victim R-1. The New York Post printed a picture of the infected doctor with the headline, “Dr. Roamer,” and the name just stuck.

The virus evaded detection with mild symptoms — low fever and over-sensitized genitalia — and it was slow to incubate. By the time R-0’s eyes turned that foggy gray, thousands were infected. The virus was concentrated in cities, causing a panic that reversed many decades of urbanization in a matter of months.

Viral Lust

Dix was scanning the grounds with binoculars to figure out what they might be up against. It wasn’t looking good.

“What the fuck?” he said. He handed the binoculars to Rosa. “Never seen anything like that. Handmaid’s Tale goes to the fucking ball.”

Under the water tower, Rosa found a group of women — in their 20s and early 30s — walking uncomfortably in heels and puffy ballgowns across the compound.

“Jesus,” she said.

“See her?” asked Dix.

“Nope,” said Rosa.

“Me either,” he said.

Rosa had to get up to walk off her discomfort. She took off her jacket, revealing a cutoff shirt tied in a knot over a gray sports bra. She dropped the holster off her shorts and gently rested her guns on the ground.

Dix was unnerved too, but he was distracted by Rosa: that mysterious smile, her slender legs, how her black leather boots made her walk, and the way the trim on her shorts curved up and around her perfect ass cheeks.

Rosa sat down on some dead leaves and rested against a felled maple tree. She patted the ground next to her for Dix’s company.

“You still got the loot?”

Rosa nodded.

“Well, we ain’t got all day.”

Rosa pulled a liter of small-batch bourbon out of her backpack. He grabbed the bottle out of her hands and twisted the cap open, guzzling it down until Rosa pulled it away.

“Jesus, Dix. It’s the middle of the day.”

“You got a lunch date or something?”

“No, you asshole. We still need to secure the perimeter.”

“Ain’t no Roamers around,” he said.

Rosa held the bottle away from him, and looked him in those wild blue eyes. “Are you a mean drunk?” she asked.

“No meaner than usual,” he grinned.

Rosa took a drink and handed him back the bottle.

“What kind of drunk are you?” he asked.

“I’m not telling,” she said.

Half a bottle in and he knew the answer. She was looking at Dix kinda funny. That’s how Dix interpreted it anyway, but her desire was clear in those drowning brown eyes.

They sat back awkwardly, pretending to be listening for dragging footsteps. Dix handed Rosa the bottle. She tipped it back and got a little more than she could handle. The bourbon ran down her chin and dripped onto her chest.

“Jesus, Rosa!” said Dix, grabbing it out of her hand.

Rosa jumped up and undid the knot on her cutoff shirt. She took it off to dab the bourbon dry.

“Don’t waste it,” said Dix.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Your fingers don’t work no more?”

Rosa rolled her eyes. She stuck her fingers down her cleavage and pulled them up her chest, licking them clean. The round in her breasts was partially exposed below her sports bra.

Rosa sat down on the tree. She took off her army beret and let her black pigtails fall down over her shoulders. She leaned over towards Dix, dangling her hair in his face.

Smirk and all, Rosa felt safe with Dix, almost invincible. She had no doubt in his judgment, his instincts. If he were wrestling a grizzly bear, her money was on Dix.

Usually, she had a filter for such thoughts. But not today.

“Oh, Dix, you’re such an asshole,” she said. “But you’re a fucking beast. You know that, right?”

He wasn’t used to any kind of flattery from Rosa, and it tripped him up. “Agghhhh, nah,” he said. “Just doing whatever and all.”

Her hand fell onto his shoulder. She put her face in his hair and stretched her hands down his chest. He felt like steel that was soft to the touch. She kissed him on his thick mane.

Dix was speechless. He froze up, even as she opened up her legs and gently bounced her knees on his immovable biceps. She put her lips to his ear, gripping her hands on his shoulders.

“You can do anything you want to me,” she said.

Rosa pulled up her sports bra until her dark little nipples popped out. She leaned in on Dix. He had a moment’s notice to choose.

It wasn’t in Dix’s code to fuck around with a married woman. Then again, it didn’t seem right to deny pleasure to a woman like Rosa.

Dix grabbed Rosa by her naked waist and started to lick and suck on her tits. He took a nipple in his mouth, slowly applying pressure between his teeth.

Rosa pulled him in closer, and he got a taste of spirits. He zigzagged his tongue across the spots on her chest where the bourbon had spilled. She ripped her bra off all the way to let his tongue roam freely.

Rosa held the bourbon over her chest and let it trickle down over her breasts. “You better get every last drop,” she said.

He squeezed her breasts together and positioned his tongue below her cleavage, taking in a steady trickle of spirits. When the pouring stopped he took her by her pigtails and gently pulled her towards him.

“Oh, Dii…”

He put his mouth over her bottom lip. She stuck her tongue inside and felt the warmth of 86 proof. He released the bourbon into her mouth and it swished around as she tied tongues with him.

“Stand up,” said Dix.

Rosa found her way onto her feet and Dix got on his knees in front of her. He unbuttoned her shorts and tugged the zipper down. It took some effort to pull them down over her petite curves. Eventually, he got them over her boots too and tossed them to the side.

Her underwear was white cotton that was dusty brown in spots. Her labia were thick and Dix found the soft spot in between that felt squishy to his touch. He rubbed it till Rosa was out of breath.

Dix gently pulled her underwear down her legs. Rosa had some stubble and a thin line of pubic hair that Dix dragged his tongue down slowly before arriving at her clit. For a man of such raw power, he was ever so gentle.

“Put a leg up on the tree,” he said. His words came out like an order that she had waited to obey.

Dix angled his upright chin in between her legs, getting his tongue deep into her sloppy pussy. His scruff got entangled with her trim pussy hair, the tickling making her shiver. His tongue had the strength of fingers on her insides and he gently suctioned her clit.

“Turn around,” said Dix.

Rosa straddled the tree and put her hands down on the smooth bark. Dix licked up over her ass, pushing his tongue into her contracting skin. He brought his tongue down again to her clit and got his nose wet with pussy.

“Yes, Dix, oh yesss,” she said, until she could do little more than whimper with pleasure. She pulled away and put her knee on the tree to catch her balance. He reckoned the shivers were not from the oncoming chill of the late afternoon, but he still asked her if she was cold.

“No, no,” she said. “But you must be warm.”

She stood up and put her hands on his abs, pushing off his leather jacket off and then taking off his tan t-shirt. Her hands slid down his chest, which was hard and smooth like polished stone.

Rosa sucked on his little nipples, reaching down to unbuckle his thick leather belt and rip it out of the straps. She kneeled down to take off Dix’s boots — his black jeans would never get over those steel-toed boots. He kicked them away.

She ripped his jeans down and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Turd emojis?” she said. “You really are something else, Dix.”

He put his hand on her neck and refocused her attention on the outline in his boxers.

She slowly pulled the shorts down. Dix had a beautiful cock. She was expecting it to be scruffy like his face but it seemed to be perfectly trimmed with a razor, making his shaft seem longer and his balls bigger. He was uncircumcised, and his cock weighed heavily against his leg. Rosa took it with two hands and lifted it towards her mouth. She opened wide as it thickened up in her hand.

She pushed the skin back and his pink head emerged. She pulled it back, squeezing hard until a drop of clear pre-cum emerged at the tip. She licked it with her tongue like dripping ice cream.

Rosa had her eyes locked on Dix’s as she slowly moved her mouth down to her jerking hands and then came back again. Dix pulled her closer to see how far down she could go. She let a hand fall — between her legs — so she could take in more of him, jerking him as fast as she could with her weak hand.

“Fuck, oh fuck!” said Dix.

Rosa couldn’t believe it. “Already?” she thought, as she pulled him out of her mouth and closed her eyes in anticipation of his explosive cock.

But Dix pulled his dick out of her hands.

She opened her eyes to see him reaching back for his crossbow. He brought it up to his hip, releasing an arrow that whizzed over her head. She turned back to see a roamer lodged into a birch tree just ten feet behind them. The arrow went straight through and the white bark was flooded with the red of roamer blood.

“Fuck, that was close,” said Rosa. “Look at his nails. We should scan the perimeter.”

“Nah,” said Dix. “What are the chances another one would make it out here?”

“I swear, Dix, those things are like fucking cats. They are drawn to sex.”

Dix started to laugh. “Well, if they don’t have a quarter for the peep show, I got something just for them.”

As Dix reloaded his crossbow, Rosa got back to where she left off, putting Dix’s thick dick back in her mouth. Dix held the crossbow at his naked side as Rosa pushed his cock down her throat as deep as it could go. She left a thick coat of her saliva, which she rubbed into his cock as she licked under his shaft.

“You want your big dick in mi panocha?” she said.

“I guess,” said Dix.

She turned away from him, planting her hands down on the tree and spreading her legs wide to get ready for Dix. He tossed his crossbow to the ground and squeezed his cock into Rosa.

“Si, si, si, siii, mi panocha,” she moaned.

“Stop,” he said. “You’re going to make me cum.”

There was no movement in Dix’s butt cheeks as he pounded Rosa from behind. Dix slapped the tight skin of her ass. When it seemed like she had come — or at least needed a little break — he grabbed his leather jacket and put it on the tree. Then he spread his jeans out.

Rosa spread out on the clothes and lifted her legs in the air. Dix clamped his hands to both sides of the tree — right around where her breasts were — and held up his weight as he started to fuck her. Rosa adjusted her legs to make them as flat as she could so Dix could go deeper.

He came down hard. She felt the weight of him, his power, as he found his rhythm. About 25 pumps, 15 seconds, in and she started to come.

All the experts say a woman doesn’t come from intercourse. Put those experts alone in the woods with Dix and see what they would say.

Rosa screamed with pleasure. “Come out, come out,” she said. As Dix pulled away some liquids tricked out of Rosa’s pussy, dripping over her ass and onto his jacket.

Dix came close to give her a kiss. He took his dick in his hand and was trying to find his way back in.

“Mi panocha isn’t quite ready yet,” she said.

“I wasn’t going for your ‘panocha,’ little lady,” he said.

Rosa’s eyes widened.

“You said I can do anything, right?” he said.

“Si, you fucking bastard. Anything.”

Rosa sat up on the jacket and moved her legs to one side of the tree. She told Dix to hold her legs up as she angled her body back, putting most of the weight on her back. Rosa couldn’t get her arms on the ground behind the tree to brace herself. She felt like she was doing crunches. It didn’t look like she was comfortable.

Dix grabbed Rosa by the neck. Her eyes reacted with fear yet she trusted him.

“Grab my arm,” he said.

She took his forearm in two hands and held on tight as he angled her back. When she was in just the right spot, Dix spit down at her pussy. It collected where his dick was pressed up against her tiny hole.

Dix let Rosa back a little bit more. “There,” she said. He pushed in slowly. Then a little more, bit by bit until his cock was all the way in.

“Oh fuck, Dix.”

Dix braced his left hand on the tree. His right arm was tense, keeping her in the balance as he pulled out and repeated the process. Her ass felt like a vice on his dick. Slowly it loosened up as his thrust and speed increased with each repetition.

Rosa felt like she had a good enough grip that she let her right hand go. She wasn’t far from another orgasm, particularly hearing sounds from Dix that she’d never heard before.

“Ugh, ugh,” he groaned like a bear.

“Agh, aggghhhh, agghhhh,” said Rosa. Her body tensed up again and more liquid came out of her pussy.

Dix smiled down at Rosa as he rubbed her juices over his cock. He looked up behind her and his face changed immediately. It was those eyes. He squinted like a hawk as he scanned the woods. Rosa tipped her head back and counted three upside-down roamers headed their way.

Rosa looked back at Dix and coaxed him.

“Come on,” she screamed. “Come on you dirty man. Fill my tight little ass with cum. Make me dirty. Make me dirty, Dix.”

Dix gave her four or five more hard thrusts.

“Make me dirty, you fucking beast,” she said.

His body shook as he pressed inside her as deep as he could go. His balls squished tight into the crack in her ass.

“Aaahhhhhhhhh, agghhhh,” Dix roared.

“That’s it,” she said. “Oh yes, I feel it, I feel it coming inside, Dix.”

Dix pulled out gently, releasing some of the cum from his cock. He kissed Rosa and went for his crossbow. “I’ll be back in a minute,” he said.

He found Rosa lying in the leaves when he came back with three fewer arrows. Her skin had goosebumps.

Dix nestled up behind her and covered her chest with his leather jacket. He clamped her breast with his forearm.

He was so warm. He was still hard.

She was content with the silence but Dix seemed fidgety.

“So, you and Gabe getting on?” he said.

“Jesus, Dix, now you ask me?” sighed Rosa. Maybe she wouldn’t have been so annoyed if Dix hadn’t still been dripping out of her.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry,” he said.

“It’s fine,” she said.

Rosa wished Dix would just shut up, but he continued to look for ways to break the silence.

“Do you think she’s gone?” he said.

“I don’t know, Dix,” she said.

“Two weeks and no sign. Nothing,” he said. “That’s not like her.”

“Yep,” she said.

When he had sufficiently killed the conversation, he quickly drifted off. Rosa found the silence disquieting. It didn’t last long.

There was a noise from below, a large truck. It stopped and Rosa heard the creaking sound of the gate. Men were shouting. Rosa grabbed the binoculars and scanned the entrance. Seven or eight women in handcuffs were being escorted into the camp by armed guards.

She scanned the face of each of the women, pulling the binoculars away at the first sight of the fourth prisoner.

“Dix,” she said.

“Hmmmm,” he said.

“It’s Maddy.”

Dix’s eyes opened. He sat up, sobered by the news.

“We need to get to the rendezvous point,” he said. “We need to let Murphy and Simone know.”

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