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How I met Yuvraj: Chapter three

The clock on the kitchen counter showed it was 10 in the morning. Sudhir looked at Yamini and gave her a big smile. “Happy anniversary, my love. This moment marks the 100th anniversary of the day I first laid my eyes on you.”

Yamini tilted her head and laughed. In all these years, she hadn’t changed one bit. She was still as young and as beautiful as he remembered her.

“Happy anniversary to you too, Sudhir Saab. When I first saw you that day, I couldn’t imagine you and I would end up being together even after death did us part.”

Sudhir floated over to his lover and stood as near to her as he could without blowing her away. They had been spirits for more than 70 years now. They knew exactly how near each other they could be without pushing each other away — and it was agony. To have the woman he loved so close, and yet, being unable to do what he wanted: to hold her, to kiss her, to savour the touch of her skin, to take in her warmth and make love to mark this milestone of their journey together.

Yamini looked at him with the same yearning in her eyes and sighed, “I wish we could, you know…”

Just then, the kitchen door opened and a woman dressed in a form-fitting white shirt and black trousers entered. She took out a bowl of milk from the microwave, poured some cereal into it and sat down to have her breakfast.

Sudhir looked at Yamini and whispered, “Are you thinking the same thing I am?”

Her eyes twinkled as she replied, “You bet, Sudhir Saab.”

“So, shall we?”

“You first.”

“No, you first, because you are literally inches away.”

She hesitated. “We keep doing this and one day they might find out.”

“Let them. It’s not like they would complain.”

Yamini giggled, “Yes, they sure like it more than any other couple we have tried it with — even the married ones.”

Sudhir groaned, “Especially the married ones. Sometimes I feel these two enjoy it more than we do.”

“No, that isn’t possible. Anamika can’t possibly crave for Yuvraj more than I–” she stopped mid-sentence as the smartly-dressed woman got up and put her bowl in the sink. “Time’s running out. Her cab to the office will be arriving any time. See you soon, lover.”

“Fuck me soon, you mean?”

Yamini laughed and whooshed across the room till she was inches away from Anamika. Then, she blew Sudhir a kiss and disappeared into the woman’s body.

The only thing on my mind when I was having breakfast was that I would be late for the office again today. But, all of a sudden, as I was turning to grab my bag and leave, a strange urge came over me, making me feel acutely aware of my body, and, especially, a mad hunger between my legs.

My first thought was of Yuvraj. Damn, I wanted that man. I wondered what he was doing. He usually left for work before I did. He was probably already at his office.

Still, I took out my phone to call him. I was greeted by the most pleasant surprise I could have hoped for: a text from Yuvraj. “Any chance we can fit in a quick sesh before you leave?”

I blushed.

After the first few weeks since we hooked up, we gave up all pretence of trying to be formal with each other and waiting for the other to propose sex. That was one of the many things I loved about Yuvraj — he was always horny at the same inexplicable moments as I was, and, even when he wasn’t, he never said no.

Without batting an eyelid, I typed, “You bet I am.”

“Your place or mine?” his message asked. There was a winking emoji at the end.

I laughed, then bit my lip and replied, “Come over, daddy. Your dirty girl is waiting for you.”

I had left the door open. I heard Yuvraj enter my house, then lock it behind him.

“I’m here in the bedroom, daddy,” I called, already in character.

From the way he barged in, slightly out of breath, I could tell he was in character too.

In the two minutes since the last text, I had propped myself on the bed, my legs in the air. I had unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt, leaving my cleavage on full display. I had my left hand on my crotch, playing with my clit over my pants.

Yuvaj was dressed in casual clothes still — a black tee and shorts. The bulge between his thighs told me he wasn’t wearing any underwear. It also told me he was hard.

I flipped my hair and bit my lower lip, giving him the lustiest look I could manage.

He grunted, eyes alight with passion, then pounced on me, making the bed creak beneath us.

He started kissing my neck, sucking the skin softly. Then, he clamped his lips down on mine, sucking hard. I let out a gasp, that familiar twinge of pain sending sparks of lust shooting down my belly. Our bodies were pressed together, his full weight on mine. I wrapped my arms around his chest and my legs around his hips, locking my ankles together and pulling him closer. His familiar warmth and the sexy musk he exuded made me lose the already fragile grip I held on my sanity.

He fumbled at my belt till it came undone. Then, he pulled my pants down along with my panties. He held my legs up in the air and buried his face between my thighs.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned and bit my lower lip. His warm, plump lips planted deep kisses on my clitoris. His strong, wet tongue sloshed up and down my slit, taking time to slather spit generously around my cunt hole. He inserted a finger inside and started pumping it in and out. It felt so good, my back arched in response.

Grabbing his hair tight, I pulled his head up to my face and kissed him deep. I forced my tongue into his mouth and licked off my love juices from every crevice of his mouth and tongue. Then, I reached out for his dick and gave it a little squeeze.

The expression in his eyes changed from servitude to anticipation.

I pushed him off me and rolled him over on the bed. His dick was straining against the thin fabric of his shorts. I could already see a darker, damp spot where some precum had leaked. I pulled down his shorts and whipped out his dick, my senses overwhelmed with its familiar scent.

I looked him straight in the eye and took his dick in my mouth in one go — right down to the root. He groaned with pleasure. I slobbered all over his dick, my head moving up and down the shaft, my fingers playing with his balls. I clamped my cheeks down on his skin, rolling my tongue down the sides and tip. He reached down to hold my ears with both his hands and moved my head up and down vigorously, forcing me to take him all the way in. My eyes teared up, but I didn’t give up till I gagged.

I pulled away.

Then, I looked up at him, lips swollen, rivulets of black mascara running down my cheeks.

He motioned me to turn over.

I obeyed, getting on my knees. I arched my back and spread my ass with my hands, so he could see my cunt hole clearly and enter me from behind. When the tip of his dick touched my pussy, I gasped. But, he didn’t enter me yet. He just let his dick be there, touching the opening of my slit, but not granting me the pleasure.

Frustrated, I flipped my hair and looked at him, eyebrows raised in question.

“You want this?” he sneered.

“I do, daddy. I want it so bad. Please fuck me.”

And he did. With one savage thrust, he pushed in all the way. I screamed with pleasure. In and out, his dick pumped, and on and on, I moaned. From the angle I was slumped on the bed, I could see myself in the mirror in front of us. I looked so tiny, crumpled on the sheets in front of Yuvraj, who looked so strong and muscular.

“Remove — your — shirt,” I panted, “I — want — to — see — you — naked.”

He pulled his t-shirt over his head with both hands. His hips didn’t stop moving. Then, instead of throwing it away, he leaned forward and put it around my mouth and neck. He pulled it from behind, making me sit up straighter, choking me.

The images in the mirror became a blur as my eyes teared up. I saw ripples run up his beautiful, naked body as with a loud smacking noise, his balls slapped against my ass cheeks. My hair fell over my face as he pounded me. My boobs were bouncing in the rhythm of his wild thrusts. Blood gushed to my head, making my face feel hot. His dick felt so solid inside me.

I clutched the sheets below and turned my head up to the ceiling, my eyes clenched in a moment of pure ecstasy.

“Gggggghhhhhhhhh,” I screamed, my moan muffled by the cloth around my mouth. The orgasm that hit me made my thighs quiver, my whole body tremble. He came at the same moment too, with a loud grunt and an explosion of warm, sticky semen inside my pussy.

When he pulled away, some cum leaked out of my pussy and fell on my pants that were still around my thighs. Damnit, I thought. Not only was my make-up ruined, now I would need to change clothes too.

“Sorry,” he panted, wiping the sweat from his face with the back of his hand.

“I hope I’m not late for the office,” I mumbled, sitting up and checking my hair in the mirror.

“Or…” he said.

I turned to look at him, “No, don’t say it! Not again today!”

He shrugged, “I was just saying, you know, if you worked from home today, it could save you a lot of stress.”

I bit my lip. I was still checking my reflection in the mirror. He was right. Getting ready from scratch now would be a hassle.

“Fine,” I said, facing him. “But you stay at your place and I will stay at mine.”

“Or,” he said, a grin lighting up his features, “we could both stay here and work on our respective computers.” Then, he lifted his hands in mock surrender and added, “No touching, I promise.”

I nodded slowly. “Only work, no sex.”

“Aye aye captain,” he said happily.

We both knew those were empty words.

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