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Part 32: Oxytocin

We were in bed, watching TV, with Elaine’s head resting on my breast and our arms around each other. It was a rom-com and we were both a little bit aroused, which in my case was because Elaine kept giving my boob little nibbles. My nipples responded — as they always did — by becoming startlingly erect and staying that way.

Elaine was restless, and I could tell she wasn’t concentrating on the movie. It was just so nice being with her, I decided. In the end, I picked up the remote and turned the telly off. She responded by taking my entire areola in her mouth and beginning to suck, and I cradled her and lay back to enjoy the sensation.

As far as I was concerned, she could have carried on until we both fell asleep, but I knew there was something on her mind.

Elaine looked up at me. ‘I don’t think I have ever come across anyone who has nipples like yours, Tabby.’ She gave my left one a flick of her tongue, and I felt a single pulse of orgasm.

I took her face in my hands and smiled back at her. ‘I have had plenty of admirers who have sucked them, but you are the first one who has been prepared to discuss them.’ I kissed her on the forehead.

She giggled, and went back to work. A dreamy feeling began to settle over me, and I ran my fingers up and down her back, before pulling her body closer. ‘This must be what breast feeding feels like,’ I said sleepily, after a few minutes. ‘Please don’t stop.’

She looked up again, her face mischievous now. ‘Can I tell you my secret fantasy?’

I stroked her hair, ‘Elaine, my love, you don’t need to ask my permission.’

‘You won’t laugh at me?’

‘Of course not.’

She buried her face in my chest, so when she spoke, her words were muffled. ‘I never thought for a second that I would ever find myself saying anything like this.’


‘I think it would be the most erotic thing ever if you could breastfeed me,’ she said. ‘Does that sound very shocking?’

‘It would be a nice feeling, I am sure,’ I giggled and squirmed at the idea. It was just superbly naughty and all the convent girl in me was repelled and attracted at the same time.

She lay on top of me, her boobs pressed against mine. ‘There are couples who actually do it, you know.’

She had my full attention. ‘Seriously?’

‘I had a patient who produced so much milk when she was pregnant that when her baby was full up, she fed it to her husband during the night so she could go back to sleep. She said it felt like having hand grenades in her bra, and the alternative was sitting up for ten minutes and using a pump.’

I thought about it for a second, and could easily imagine that some men would really enjoy it. ‘That seems quite natural, so why did they come to you?’

‘They were still doing it five years later.’

‘Gosh.’ I was stunned into silence. ‘Why didn’t the milk stop coming?’

‘She didn’t stop breastfeeding him. If you keep going, it keeps coming. More or less, anyway. The only teeny weeny problem was that she had to feed him every two or three hours and it was paying havoc with his work.’

I burst into laughter. ‘So was it just the milk that kept them doing it?’

She kissed me. ‘No, it wasn’t that, although it was part of it.’

‘So what else could it have been? All men are obsessed with boobs, whether milk comes out of them or not.’

She traced a circle on my chest with her nail. ‘It was because of a neuropeptide.’

‘A what?’

Elaine rolled on her back and pointed to her chest. ‘Your turn while I talk.’

My tongue found her nipple and I began to lick it with short, regular strokes.

‘You need to suck it to make oxytocin’.

I obeyed orders. ‘You still haven’t told me what it is. Why should anyone want to make it?’

‘Because it is one of the hormones that makes us feel good when we are having sex… and levels rise particularly in women when our nipples are being stimulated. Oxytocin is one of the chemicals that gives us the warm feeling when we are aroused.’

I gave her nipple a playful bite and she squeaked. ‘Really?’

‘Both men and women make it during sex and intimacy. It is one of the happy hormones.’ She emphasised her point by wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and pulling me tight against her. ‘But girls make much more of it. I have always wondered if it is why we form more secure attachments than men, but it is only my theory, and I didn’t pay enough attention to endocrinology at medical school. So suck my nipples and make me feel happy.’

She arched her back as my lips connected, and for the next few minutes her breasts became my whole world. Her areolae were smaller than mine, but they had much more contour, and her nipples were sensitive and responsive. After a few minutes, I could tell from her breathing that she was ready to come, and I slid my hand down her tummy.

Before my fingers reached her bush, her hand had closed over mine, forcing it ever lower, until her labia parted and our fingers entwined inside the glutinously wet, sticky folds of her pussy.

Elaine let out her breath in a long sigh of satisfaction. With one of her hands holding my head to her breast, she used the other to guide my fingers knuckle deep inside her and began to grind her pelvis. I rested my head on her shoulder and kissed her neck as the motion began to quicken, feeling her juices becoming ever more liquid, soaking my entire hand as she neared orgasm.

As the rocking grew ever more urgent, my fingers slipped out, only for Elaine to push them back in again, and hold them tight, so that there was no possibility of escape. She began to kiss me repeatedly, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, and then, in the final moments, she rolled on top of me, hair everywhere, breast to breast, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, only our fingers between us.

And then she came, in a convulsive, out of control orgasm that made her pupils dilate and a strangled, ‘Oh, my god!’ escape from her throat. We held each other tight as each pulse made her thighs jerk, and a full thirty seconds must have passed before she managed a weak grin.

‘That’s oxytocin for you,’ she whispered. ‘And powerful stuff it is too.’

I kissed her, enjoying the feeling of our sweat mingling. ‘All this from having our nipples sucked,’ I wondered, sweeping her hair aside with my free hand. ‘Although to be honest, I wasn’t expecting psychoanalysis to be quite like this.’

Elaine blushed. ‘Well, it might be an unorthodox approach, but I think I have an idea about the answer to what you are looking for.’

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