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Pulling Taffy

To say that the lanky young woman who walked into Helen’s Sweet Treats was tall would be an understatement. Her short, spiky...
Sorcha Rowan
8 min read

Hot Night at the Drive-In

A Sequel to Annie’s First Orgasm.
Rebel Raine
5 min read


There is a red light in front of us, and I am trying to concentrate. Driving in London on the other side...
21st Century Loving
2 min read

Your Stepsister’s Christmas Naugtivities

My eyes moved from place to place trying to decide what the focus of the piece was. I don’t think I ever...
Asa Erotica
4 min read

The Velvet Room

Part 1: Santa brings toys on Christmas Eve
Becci Hunter
6 min read

“Happy Naughty Christmas” — an excerpt

“Happy Naughty Christmas” — an excerpt “Oh, well, it was great to hear your voice, baby,” her mother said after they had spent an hour...
Jasmine Lace
7 min read

Release the Stars

An erotic airport reunion with a twist
9 min read

Your Room or Mine?

Thank you for enjoying this excerpt from my book “In May Comes Summer”. You can find it on my Wattpad page.
Damien Dsoul
3 min read

An Escort’s Afternoon Delight

An arousing encounter with a favorite client.
Rachel Raven
4 min read


Darkness creeps over the Edinburgh skyline and a heavy drizzle falls from angry clouds. The weather reflects my mood. Sombre. Morose. My...
7 min read