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40 Stories by Colt Stevens

Fifteen Years Faithful

Why did she cheat on him now?
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Giving a Wife Back Her Sexy

A married woman rediscovers sexual desire
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He Put the Butt Plug in Me Before Fucking My Wife

It was the hottest night of my life
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Two Men Cuckolded in One Night

photo: SexArt My girlfriend Emily has gone up to Napa on a road trip with her friend, Sally O’Sullivan. Irish much? Anyhow, Sally likes...
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I’m cheating on my husband

It’s Billie Eilish’s fault.
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Bull Teaches Wife What Real Pleasure Feels Like

photo: SexArt Hi, Melanie. I’m really looking forward to our date. Your pics are super hot and I can’t wait to spend some time...
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Coming Out as a Cuck

photo: SexArt This is the age of acceptance. Gays, lesbians, trans, non-binaries, gender fluid, polyamorous, sex-positives, they’ve all come out to their families and...
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She’s Waiting Upstairs

photo: MetArt The front door will be left open. I am going to go in, climb the stairs, and enter her bedroom. She will...
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The Leather Man — Part Two

He makes her squirt
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The Leather Man

photo: The Life Erotic We were spending the summer in a quaint New England town, because we were sick of LA. Our summer house was...
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