The Hotel Room

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Jessica had needed this. Not this exactly, but a night away from the kids, from her husband, and from real life. She loved them all, and was happy with her life, but every now and then she needed to release the pressure, and this was supposed to do that.

She guessed the release had gone a little too far, given that she was currently naked on all fours on the hotel bed, while a man she’d just met in the bar licked champagne off her naked body. She wasn’t quite sure how she’d got into such a position, literally.

Usually when she had these nights away, she packed her PJs, had a relaxing bath, with no risk of having to get out to see to one of the kids, and then ordered room service which she ate whilst watching some chick-flick her husband wouldn’t enjoy. For some reason when packing that afternoon, she thought she’d take something decent to wear too, and maybe risk the hotel bar alone. After all, she’d booked a luxury boutique hotel in the city; she was doing this less often these days, and so wanted it to be memorable.

When she’d arrived, she’d had a long, hot bath and had nearly persuaded herself that a night in PJs was just what she needed. She looked at the erotic fiction book she’d packed, and thought about how she might play with herself. Making herself come was easy after a few steamy chapters of the maid being taken roughly from behind by the master. Maybe later, she decided, and pulled herself into her tight, black Alexandra McQueen body-con dress and black high heels, and headed down to the bar, just for one drink.

The dimly-lit bar was still pretty empty, so rather than a table she took a place at the bar, ordered a scotch on the rocks and started absent-mindedly checking her emails. She only noticed him when she looked up for the bartender for a refill.

He’d come into the bar quietly, but was the kind of man she liked. Tall, decent suit, slim but not too skinny. He ordered a beer and took out his phone, and pretty much ignored her. She returned to her phone, trying not to show her disappointment. She’d smiled at him when he came in, but he’d barely glanced at her.

She looked again for the bartender, holding up her empty glass, but saw that he was bringing her another drink anyway.

“How did you know I wanted another?” she asked.

“I didn’t,” he replied. “He did,” nodding his head towards the stranger.

She looked across, and the man moved over to sit next to her.

“Bit presumptuous aren’t you?” she said.

“Maybe,” he said, “but you’re hot, all alone at a bar, and wearing no wedding ring, so I figured it was worth a shot.”

Jessica glanced down at her left hand. It was true, she didn’t have a ring on, but that was because it was being resized, not because she wanted to be picked up.

He was next to her now, closer than he should have been. She could feel his warm breath when he spoke. She wasn’t sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere between the third and fourth drink, the idea of them going up to her room went from being outlandish to interesting, and suddenly they were in the elevator, his hands were on her ass, and she was pressing her body up against his hardness, feeling wet with anticipation.

The high-pitched ding of the doors opening startled them both. Steadying herself, Jessica quickly moved in front of her companion, and with her hand behind her back rubbed at his rock-hard cock without the young couple who’d just got in suspecting a thing.

They reached her floor, and sliding past the couple, stepped out of the lift and rushed towards room 702. As she leaned on the door fumbling with her key card he pressed himself into her and rubbed at her breasts, making her nipples stand on end. No wonder she couldn’t get the card in the slot, it was very hard to concentrate. He took the card and slid it in first time. The door clicked and the light went green. She looked up at him.

“I’m good at getting things into tight places,” he said, and smiled.

“So it seems,” she replied. Her voice breathless and hoarse.

As soon as they were inside the room, he pushed her onto the huge bed.

“I don’t do this kind of thing,” she heard herself saying.

“You do now,” he said. His deep voice was more forceful than it had been when they were chatting in the bar, and it only made her wetter. She was hornier than she had been for a long, long time. She rubbed at her nipples through her tight dress as they ached to be touched. He watched and smiled, but instead of indulging her, he slowly picked up two glasses from the desk and opened a bottle of champagne.

Couldn’t he see she was desperate for him? She wanted him there and then.

He sat down on the sofa at the end of the bed, took a drink of champagne, and said in a more collected voice than she could muster, “Take off your dress.”

“No,” she replied, but it didn’t convince anyone, least of all herself.

“Just do it,” he demanded.

To her surprise, she found herself pulling down the side zip and letting her dress fall to the floor.

He handed her a glass of champagne as she stood in front of him, wearing nothing but her black high heels, and matching, red lacy underwear. He looked at her, his blue eyes burning with desire. “Nice knickers for someone who doesn’t do this kind of thing,” he said, almost to himself.

He stepped forward and roughly pulled and rubbed at her breasts before unhooking her bra and throwing it behind him. She didn’t protest, but she did try and stop the moan of satisfaction escaping her lips. She bit her bottom lip as he dropped his head to her chest, his mouth hungry, his tongue teasing.

She could feel the familiar throb in her knickers and knew she wanted this, even though she shouldn’t. In fact, it only made it hotter for her.

A moan escaped her lips. She writhed and rubbed up against him, but he moved just far enough away for her to not get what she wanted.

He knew she wanted it more than she ever had before. She had no control now.

He pulled down her knickers with one hand, quickly stroking his thumb over her wetness, and pushed her back down on to the bed with the other.

At last he rubbed his hard cock against her. He kissed her roughly, urgently. Her throbbing clit was begging for more. But he pulled away.

“Touch yourself,” he said, and in her heightened state, she found herself slowly running a finger down her pussy. But this was not what she wanted right now and it was her turn to be in control. She could see he wasn’t going to refuse, so she opened her legs and invited him inside. He slowly slid one finger in but it wasn’t enough for her, so he put in another. She moved against his fingers, in and out, in and out, pushing down, begging for more. Eventually with three of his fingers grinding away in her pussy, she felt the faint beginnings of an orgasm, as her body started to tense. He must have felt it too, and as he pulled away he breathed into her ear, “Not yet.”

Standing up, he grabbed her ass once again, and starting at her neck, kissed her all the way down her body before kneeling on the floor in front of her. Parting her legs, he started to kiss her pussy, before slowly working down, alternating between kissing her clit, and sliding his tongue deep into her pussy. She wasn’t sure if it was the champagne, the great oral sex or the sheer wrongness of it all, but she felt lightheaded. She grabbed his shoulders and pushed herself down onto his face; she could feel waves of pleasure starting to surge as he kept the pressure building up in her. Her breath quickened and shallowed, and deep moans escaped with each one, but again, just as she
was about to cry out in ecstasy he eased off. Despite being hornier than she had ever been in her life, she was starting to get a more than a little frustrated too.

He stood back up and started to undress, but she was impatient, and gagging for it. She reached forward and pulled his tight black boxers down, letting his huge cock bob free as she did.

He seemed to know what she liked, and as he stood there, he slowly started wanking his cock with his right hand. Men playing with themselves always got her going, but right now she was already horny, and this was only slowing things down. She decided to wrest back some control, and, taking a big drink from her glass, beckoned him closer. She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock inside, where the combination of her tongue and the champagne made him shudder.

Her husband wasn’t a big fan of blowjobs, but she loved the feeling of being in charge. She wanted him to feel the frustration she had. She slowly licked the head of his cock, and watched it twitch with pleasure. Her hands crept up his legs, and her nails brushed his balls as she licked up the sensitive underside of his shaft. He moaned, deep and long. She rubbed his cock up and down a few times before taking the whole thing in her mouth, gently and slowly sucking at first, then faster, bobbing up and down, her hands squeezing his tight ass. Before long, his cock twitched in her mouth, and the sighs and gasps he let out began to build.

Just as he had done to her, she quickly pulled away.

She looked up demurely and smiled.

He smiled back. “So you want to play that game, do you? Get on all fours on the bed,” he said, as he made his way over to the desk to get the champagne bottle. She obeyed, and was surprised when instead of drinking from the bottle, he poured a light stream over her exposed ass and pussy. He then kneelt down behind her, and licked the drink off her butt-cheeks, occasionally slipping his tongue into her pussy, and down to her clit. She writhed and moaned so much she was worried hotel security might be on their way up, but before she had time to verbalise her concerns, his hard cock plunged deep into her pussy and finally gave her what she wanted. The only thing she was thinking about now was how full she felt.

He reached forward, grabbed a fistful of her hair, and pulled back on it, whilst fucking her hard from behind. She hadn’t been fucked like this for a long time, and the combination of roughness, his balls banging against her clit, and the pressure building back up in her, meant one thing.

“Oh fuuuuck,” she cried out, as she came long and hard, pushing back onto his cock, while he pushed forward into her. She stayed like that for what seemed like ages, savouring the feeling of his hardness still deep inside her, as her pussy throbbed and the tension eased throughout her body.

He pulled his still-hard cock out of her, and saying, “My turn now,” gestured for her to turn over. She lay on her back and he knelt between her parted legs, looking directly at her well-fucked pussy, whilst he started to wank his cock over her. She could see how wet it was from her, and seeing him doing this again made her bring her hand involuntarily down to her clit to gently stroke it until the waves of pleasure started again.

His deep, throaty moans got quicker and louder as he pulled urgently at his dick. He suddenly groaned, and let out a huge stream of white cum all over her body, starting at her pussy, and going up right to her neck. This was followed by another spurt that he aimed at her breasts, so that she found herself covered in his warm, sticky cum.

He lay down next to her on the bed, and for a long while they just stayed there in silence. Eventually she rolled over to face him, and teased, “We should definitely do that again.”

“Oh yes,” he replied breathlessly. “When do you think we can next get a babysitter?”

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