12 Stories by Anamika

There is something special I want to try first

Tales of a hook-up in a strange city
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I suppose I like it BIG

Some poetry, some alcohol, and lots of wild fucking
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Show me how much you want it…

Story of a Sunday morning quickie
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I like it when you call me “Madam”

What happens when a lonely woman on a solo trip meets a handsome masseur.
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When I met my best friend’s lover

photo: SexArt “I am sleepy,” I murmured, nuzzling closer to my best friend, Anjali. “I wish we had some wine. That would be a...
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Let’s try something new tonight, darling?

Part Two
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Let’s try something new tonight, darling?

photo: The Life Erotic This is what I asked when I told him I’d been fantasizing about pain all my life — that I got off on...
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A hunger for the forbidden

photo: SexArt This was the first time I was meeting Tanya in person. Before that, we’d spent hours in discussion about experimenting sexually. Both of...
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I want you to kiss my pussy, baby

photo: SexArt ‘Baby,’ I said, looking up from the article I was reading. ‘I want you to kiss my pussy.’ My boyfriend was working on...
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When my boyfriend fucked my best friend

photo: SexArt It started with my best friend, Anjali and I sharing memes. I had sent her one with a picture of a large wet...
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