Beach Cougars

Tracy and Jane lure some unsuspecting prey “Boy, now there’s a fine specimen, Jane.” Tracy’s words draw me out of a stupor....
Clementine Winters
11 min read

The Hotel Room

Jessica had needed this. Not this exactly, but a night away from the kids, from her husband, and from real life. She...
7 min read

The Poker Room

Four women celebrate female pleasure together. The invitations were sent. Charlie wasn’t sure if she would go. The invitation came from Jill,...
JJ Loverling
5 min read

Psychiatric Evaluation

Life had never been easy, not growing up on the streets nor in foster families who might or might not be nice people....
Noira Fradov
7 min read

Warm Apple Pie

The thick, beautiful scent of apple pie filled the small kitchen as Jess opened the door, fetching the tin. “That smells amazing,” Lilly...
Wolfgang Domino
6 min read

The Cage: Chapter 1

 I wake up in the cage.Again.I can’t remember how I ended up in the cage.I remember going home with her, with...
The Wind-Up Boy
10 min read


Part 36: Bad Sex, Good Stories… ‘So what,’ asked Angie, with her chin in her hands, ‘counts as the least satisfying sex you...
Tabitha Lowndes
7 min read

Valentines With Dark Hair

Part Three: Bittersweet It was a wonderful drive back to Middlebury. Our hands occasionally touched on the center console and I felt...
Francis David
4 min read

I Want You to Cum in My Wife’s Mouth

When the quarantine ends… Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate it and again, from your pics I can...
Colt Stevens
4 min read

Our Affair

In our submission, we found ourselves and each other. I’d been cheating on my husband for the past four months. I’m still not...
4 min read