Instant Access

From the first exchange of words, I was attracted to her. Attraction with clarity. I was calm and concise. Level headed. It’s like we knew...
6 min read

Can you read my mind?

It’s 8:00 am. I am sitting in a café and I smell like pussy. My clothes are drenched in woman’s perfume. My fingers, when...
Furious Skuggs
10 min read

An Education for a Queen

photo: Viv Thomas I must learn how to please a man. It is my duty, as Queen of England, to please my Lord and Sovereign....
Adriana M
4 min read

The Feast of Mariscopo

On the Feast of Mariscopo it is a tradition that a member of the community opens their home to invited guests to...
Francis David
4 min read

I’m not sure how it happened

I guess it had been a while. And I was buzzing from the gin earlier. And I'd always wanted to try it....
Brown Sparrow
6 min read

An Essay on Wife Sharing

“Have you ever stood back and watched your wife kiss her Black men? The sheer beauty of my wife naked in the arms of...
Damien Dsoul
4 min read

The Takeover

A touch of domination Ciara had just spent two hours on the phone explaining to her fiery Irish mother why she needed...
Becci Hunter
4 min read

I Touch Myself

I lay in bed this morning, thinking of you. So, I texted you. *I’m wet and wanton for you.* *I’m working out* *I’m touching myself....
Sorcha Rowan
1 min read

Tales from a Long Island Dungeon

 part thirteen: fully engaged And finally . . . the rings. Where once there had been a single padded platform, like a mobile medical office exam...
6 min read

The Summer Job

Back in college, I imagined that by the age of 26, I’d have a big house in the suburbs, a couple of...
Danielle Kennedy
6 min read