Can you read my mind?

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photo: SexArt

It’s 8:00 am.

I am sitting in a café and I smell like pussy. My clothes are drenched in woman’s perfume.

My fingers, when I hold my fingers up to my nose, I can smell her scent.

I didn’t expect this 24 hours ago.

I was at another café, with a steaming cup of black coffee in front of me. I was still waking up but alert.

They both walked by me and they jogged my attention — a brunette, around 5’7” in a red dress, along with a beautiful, frizzy haired woman with skin like silky caramel. She wore a black dress, fitted. They were talking together and naturally, I thought they were professionals from a nearby office getting morning coffee.

I looked up and saw the caramel beauty looking at me and smiling. She had a wide, warm smile, pink lips and green eyes. Her gaze was telling as if she knew exactly what I was thinking and liked it. She grazed the back of her friend’s arm, making her turn around. She took her by the hand and they walked over to my table and sat down.

“Hi! Do you mind if we sit with you?” one of them said in a perky tone.

“I was wanting you to as soon as you walked in,” I retorted with a smile.

The expression on their faces warmed further after I said this and we began to drink our coffee and exchange pleasantries. As I was imagining making out with both of them, I felt the toes of one touch my leg and begin to trace lines up and down.

“So what other things were you thinking you wanted us to do?” the frizzy haired beauty said, smiling. They mentioned that the hotel across the street where corporate meetings were held had a nice pool and art gallery and they invited me to look at it with them. We took a ride share service over and I could hear the brunette on the phone telling their office they were going to be out of the office until the afternoon.

We didn’t stay long at the art gallery as we were tugging and pulling on one another, exchanging sensual glances. We rented a room and rode up the elevator to the room. We all got quiet as we rode up in the elevator, continuing to touch one another and exchange glances and smiles. As I opened the door, we put our things down and got close together. We started to touch one another in a caressing way and the brunette sunk her hands to my belt. She started to unbuckle it as the other woman and I locked eyes. I felt her reach into my underwear and pull my dick out. I looked down and the frizzy beauty picked up my chin and kept me looking at her. The brunette, her name was Elsa, knelt on the ground and I felt her suck me in and swallow me as the other beauty, Jenna, walked backward and began to take off her clothes, displaying a firm, tight, curvy figure.

After a few hours, I left the hotel room in a surreal state of mind — I had just engaged in casual sex with two women. We all left on friendly terms but didn’t exchange numbers or give any wish for future contact. A little shook up, I started the rest of my day by going to a department store to buy a few things. I was walking mesmerized through the aisles. I picked up my shopping and went to the cashier line where I saw a woman in front of me in the line. She was wearing a form fitting dress that hugged her curves and showed the imprint of her ass cheeks. I looked at her from bottom to top and at the same moment, she turned her head and looked back at me. I saw this gesture and figured she sensed what I was doing and was sending a non-verbal cue to stop.

Then she began to shuffle backwards slowly.

Her soft ass cheeks brushed against me and then pressed against me. As her shoulders and the back of her neck got closer to my nose, I inhaled a waft of her body spray — cocoa butter. I became fully erect and I fit perfectly in between her ass cheeks. She didn’t look back at all but I started to feel her hips gyrate against me. I looked around at the other people in other lines in a fit of embarrassment to see if anyone noticed the brazen public sex act. I then pressed inward and felt her exhale so I gyrated on her also. Suddenly, a man in the line across from us jerked his gaze downward, half annoyed and half aroused at us, as if a pervert alarm went off in his head. I felt the woman’s fingers tug at my hand and pull me out of the line.

We walked down the corridor, her guiding me by the hand, and we went into a fitting room. She took something to try on, so it wouldn’t be so obvious, telling the fitting room attendant what we were doing. To her, we were just a couple who were doing our daily shopping and were trying on clothes in a casual manner. As we got into the dressing room, she pulled out a condom from her purse and began to unbuckle my shorts while holding the condom in between her teeth. As I burst out of my underwear, she knelt down and I saw her artfully place the condom in between her lips and slip it onto me. She took me in her mouth and swallowed me fully. After savoring me in several jaw dropping strokes, she got up and bent over. I didn’t need a signal as I raised up her dress over her hips and slipped deep into her.

We silently moaned, grabbed and kissed as we fucked in the fitting room. I could hear footsteps walk by us as we were clutched hard. I tugged her hair back and crouched my hips low to get deep inside of her. I propped her leg on the bench and held her body close to me. She was sweating and it was so arousing, as I could feel she was into the moment also.

As the session ended, we got dressed and kissed one last time before leaving the store separately. As I let her go, the gravity of the events that had occurred fell on me like a heavy anchor. I asked myself, “What just happened? I’m not this good! That was awesome!” I drove home and walked around my complex in a daze. I went upstairs and took a shower. As I stepped out of the shower to dry myself off, the phone rang. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked into my bedroom to pick up the phone.

“Heyyy,” a sensual voice purred down the line. A burst of energy moved through my body as I heard the voice. I immediately visualized a woman sitting on the couch in her apartment, bored. She had picked up the phone and randomly dialed my number to get her rocks off. I thought, was this a joke call? Would she start strong and then hang up?

“Hello? Who is this?” I asked.

“Are you wet and naked?” I heard. “Nice and clean and wet, with a hung cock. It must feel so good to dry yourself, passing the towel around your balls…”

I paused and wondered, “Who is this?” My cock was throbbing.

“Dry off and lie naked in bed for me,” she purred as if she was naked herself, rolling around in a clean bed with white linen sheets. I did what she said and lay in my bed completely naked. I naturally wrapped my fingers around myself and began to thrust lightly because I was so attracted to her voice. She spoke again, “Are you in bed?”

“Yes…” I let the words drift away.

“How does your cock feel in your hand?”

“Good,” I answered. I didn’t care if she would hang up, this moment was too delicious to pass on.

It felt as if she was in the next room and my thoughts raced as to whom in the apartment complex it could be. She knew exactly that I was in the shower and had come out. I wondered if she was as perverted as I and had been watching me, waiting to make her move. All the women that I saw living around me were older and many were married. I thought it could be a tall, big breasted woman that lived in the next complex on the property. She had great tits — I fantasized about titty-fucking her — but there also was a sexy cougar living in my complex that I always ogled. I fantasized about seeing her aroused (instead of carrying groceries or shuffling her kids in and out of the car).

We had a hot session of phone sex where I could hear the sploshing of her fingers in her wet pussy and her orgasm voice. She heard mine as well and when we were done, I started to investigate as to her identity. As soon as she started to voice the answer, the line went dead. I couldn’t believe it and was shocked. I cleaned the cum off of my belly and got dressed. I had one of those moments where I was silently pensive, looking downward, deep into the floor. I went out the door wondering what else could happen as it was night time.

I decided to take a drive and feel the night air. I felt alien-like in the occurrences which were unfolding and was hesitant to think of what would happen next, or if it would abruptly end. On the usual, I didn’t go out that much and didn’t have an active social life. Whenever I ached for a female’s touch, I paid for an escort to come to my apartment and that was my sex life in a nutshell. So I went into a café and sat down with a coffee to listen to music and relax.

The café was packed and I managed to get a table but people were still coming into the café as it was an active night. As I was starting to relax, a beautiful young woman curled around to the front of my eyes. I felt her energy in the touch of her hands brushing around my shoulders. She looked at me with big brown eyes and a bright smile asking if she could sit with me. I couldn’t help but scan her from top to bottom — she was wearing tight jeans and a tight tank top. Her name was Emma, she smelled like violet perfume and was carrying a messenger bag. She had sandals on, with perfectly manicured feet.

I motioned to her to sit down and it was unreal how easy it was to flow into a conversation with her. Immediately we went from small talk and platitudes to talking about the world and then talking about personal issues. I was entranced by her attitude, personality and sense of humor. We were laughing with one another and as the time passed, we were giving each other more intense gazes. I brought up the day I was having to her as I felt very comfortable with her.

“Wow, the day you’ve had! So you think that you and I are going to have hot sex right here on the coffee table?” she asked, laughing.

“No….yes….maybe!” I admitted, embarrassed.

“Where would we do it? Did you think about that?” she asked flirtatiously.

“I don’t know…like I said, today has been out of the ordinary,” I replied.

She laughed again, “Ohhhh poor baby, the universe has deemed you lucky today and you have had sex three times with hot women, one of them being a threesome!”

I laughed in acknowledgement.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” she asked bluntly.

I leaned into the table confidently and told her, looking deep in her eyes, “Yes, I do.”

Her countenance softened and she leaned closer to me; the waft of her perfume intoxicated me and made me tremble a little.

“Ok…” she said confidently.

I got up and took her by the hand and we walked out into the night. We walked and talked a bit more and she would continue to get close to my face where we would look deeply at one another, she would kiss me and we would press our bodies against one another in extended foreplay. There was a hotel across the street in the downtown area where we were. We checked in at the front desk and our fingers were poking at one another as the transaction was being finalized. We walked into the elevator and we began kissing. It started softly and then became passionate. As the elevator was ascending, it stopped on a floor and a woman walked in wearing a gala dress and was wondering if the elevator was going down. We told her it wasn’t but she said she would ride up with us.

We kept kissing lightly and the woman started to turn towards us, distracted by the lip smacking. She was African-American and had a curvy, tight figure. Her skin looked like silk and her breasts were popping out of her dress. She turned to us and smiled a bright smile.

“You two look like you’re having fun,” she said.

“We are,” Emma purred as she was grabbing my face. She whispered to me, “Why don’t you tell her? Test your powers.”

“What powers?” the woman asked, interested.

“He has had sex three times today and is about to have it a fourth time, and thinks he doesn’t deserve it,” Emma said. I began to meekly deny it and laughed nervously.

“Really? Powers, huh?” the woman replied. She moved gracefully in the space between us and began to caress the back of my neck. She looked deep in my eyes and smiled. She leaned in and pressed her lips on mine. She artfully flicked her tongue while sucking in my bottom lip. Emma looked on and I could feel her leg curl around my erection.

She pulled away with her eyes closed, then opened them and said, “Yesss, I could feel it.”

“Do you want to come with us?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded her head. She got off the elevator with us and went into the hotel room. I turned on the light dimly.

Emma walked behind the woman and began to unzip her dress as I watched. Emma was also aroused and began to kiss her neck lightly as she unzipped. The woman , Eshe, lifted her arm up to caress the back of Emma’s neck. Her dress slipped to the floor and I saw the sculpted body in front of me. Dark and silky with beautiful breasts that hung onto her body frame. Her pubic area had a cropped triangle tightly in between firm, strong legs. She turned around and began to undress Emma. They were enthralled with one another, lightly kissing as each piece of clothing was removed.

I approached Eshe and put myself in between her ass cheeks and began to gyrate my hips up and down. She began to widen her stance to let me get comfortable and she and Emma began to kiss more passionately. We walked over to the bed and Emma lay back, spreading her legs. Eshe got on all fours and began to kiss her pussy. I got in between her legs and began to brush my cock head on her lips. I slipped into her and we went away together till the morning.

As the sunlight was creeping through the curtains, we made love once more. The girls took a shower together and left me in the dark room wondering if my striking luck would continue. We all kissed and exchanged numbers and went out of the hotel together. I didn’t take a shower and was waiting for the dream to end with me waking up in my bed, from a vivid, wet dream. I felt as if I was walking on air and my feet weren’t touching the ground. I went to sit in the café and process everything. I still felt the leftover energy of caresses and kisses on my skin, hovering around me like a cloud.

The rest of the day was uneventful; but just as I thought the whole experience was a vivid dream, Emma sent me a text asking if I wanted to meet up for a dinner date.

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