Valentines With Dark Hair

Part one: man to man Image from pxhere Alone. How to get him truly alone. All to myself. That’s what I wanted more than anything. Every...
Francis David
3 min read

“Am I in Trouble?”

Ann gets inspected by hotel security. Photo: SexArt Ann gets into a sticky situation when hotel security sifts through her personal belongings I must be...
16 min read

He Put the Butt Plug in Me Before Fucking…

It was the hottest night of my life His name was Alex. He was very strong, had some tattoos on his arms, and...
Colt Stevens
6 min read

Self Love

Lesbian Vampire Erotica Yvonne opened her eyes and let them adjust to the near pitch black. Mere human eyes wouldn’t be able to...
Sorcha Rowan
8 min read

The Fortune Teller’s Itch

As a woman waiting on a fourth date, Jo had been feeling lost and heartbroken. She secretly held someone in her thoughts,...
Asa Erotica
5 min read

Forever Grateful

Part five: New positions Jenny’s friend had helped her look up sexual positions on the internet. Jenny told me they had fun...
Violet Debut
4 min read

The Sexual Awakening of La Bella

Julia finished brushing her long golden hair and put down the comb, looking at her reflection in the hand mirror. The year...
Adriana M
3 min read

Ready for Dystopia

 The abandoned schoolyard is a perfect spot for letting out some mental steam. Paula’s loose shirt and baggy jeans conceal a...
4 min read

The Orgy

Laura was applying a fresh layer of lipstick in the bathroom mirror when Rachel entered. “Are you ready, babe? The others will...
Isabelle Lauren
6 min read

Therapy: Chapter 2

 More boundaries tested in our session with Emily. I have almost as much fun with her between sessions as during. Of course, I...
The Wind-Up Boy
9 min read