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From the first exchange of words, I was attracted to her. Attraction with clarity. I was calm and concise. Level headed. It’s like we knew each other in a different life, and were fortunate enough to find ourselves in the present.

Why this was happening at a strip club is beyond my understanding. Life is like that, I suppose. You’re not supposed to know why anything is. Besides, I’m at home in places like these. I’m very fond of watching exotic dancers and love the music they play.

She doesn’t seem at all like the type to enjoy working here. She’s what I’d imagine a girl from a professional equestrian team would look like in high heels and lingerie. In fact, during our table discussion, I plainly forgot she was even a dancer. There’s a purity about her that glows like a halo. A bright light in this dark world. She’s also very intelligent and down to earth. Humble and soft spoken.

I was the first person she sat with and she has yet to leave the table, even though it’s quickly filling with other patrons. She’s talking to me as if we’re at some coffee shop. Sincere signals and compliments. She’s blushing at every word I say and I’m holding her hand ever so gently in the middle of the table. It’s the first real date I’ve ever had in a place like this.

She leans in slowly. The feel of her soft cheek on mine, making my tummy flutter. “Do you wanna get out of here?” she whispers softly.

I don’t ask any questions, although I’m fully aware she just quit her job before she even started her shift. She doesn’t even grab her things, but kicks off her heels and walks outside with me barefoot.

Next thing I know, we’re at the barracks of some base close by. On top of being a poised hottie, she’s also a service member. I’m already fighting not to say I love you before I even get inside her room. She’s everything I’ve always wanted and more.

Her beautiful golden locks feel like silk ribbons to my neck as they slide over my skin. She’s got me pinned on a futon, fondling my breasts under my blouse. Her kisses are dizzying. Super soft lips with candied gloss. Her tongue tastes like a sultry dessert. And I want to devour every morsel.

I’m caressing her neck as we lick each other’s mouth, nearly suffocating each other in lust. Strangely, I still feel calm. No care in the world beyond her pleasure and mine. The world is at a standstill for one magical night.

I carefully pull on the string of her teddy and unravel her bra. My hands softly press her breasts and feel two tiny piercings on my fingertips. That is the only thing that makes me stop kissing her. I find nipple rings so sexy. I want my tongue in them. I want those fluffy beauties squishing my face until I am breathless.

I take turns dipping each one in my mouth, grazing my lips around them, then sucking them until her hips buck. She smothers me with them until I gasp. Tongue swirling for space in between the fluffy cushions.

She nudges my chin up and sucks my neck at a devastating spot. Right below my jawline. Her soft tongue circles my flesh with her teeth clamped tight. I moan and curse with my back arched in pleasure. Openly welcoming the bittersweet press, making my blood boil in lust.

I spread my legs and grip her bottom tightly, grinding on her panties from underneath. She presses against me hard and sucks my neck even harder. My body wriggles in excitement, wanting so badly to cum. But I use it as fuel to drive my passion to her pleasure.

In a quick swoop, I lean down and grip her thighs, pulling her up to sit on my face. I bite the seam of her tiny thong panties and lick them aside, exposing her flesh. I plant the back of my tongue right between her soaked pussy lips and moan softly while I suck her clit. Elevating the murmurs of my lips once perfectly surrounding it.

Her hips begin to thrust and work up a sexy rhythm. My palms comfortably rest on her beautiful round ass, tongue flipping slowly from front to back as this mysterious gift from the heavens falls apart on top of me. Her taste has my mouth watering. She’s like a delectable juicy peach, perfectly split at the core. I stretch my tongue wide to taste every inch of her soft fruit, slurping any juices that escape.

Her breath grows ragged and she curses sexily under her breath. I keep my smooth steady pace, cherishing every moment of her beautiful climactic build. She moans louder with every lick. Each helpless cry in sync with my suctions. Even as I slow down, her voice follows suit. Stretching out the aching vowels in reaction to my hungry mouth. Her hips are shivering and my neck is drenched with the gushing flow of her sweet water.

I taste her clit swell drastically between my lips and I trap it with my tongue. I wave over the wetness as gently as I can while dipping my neck smoothly between her thighs. I wait for her build to reach that inescapable edge. The quivering teeters of immense release.

I know it’s coming. I can taste it. Those savory little beats, leading the brigade of lost control. Once I taste the swell, I lick as deeply as I can. A long hot stripe right up her pussy until her thighs grip my head. I hear nothing but muffled screams, and an underwater sonogram of her flesh pulsing madly. I pry her legs open to let go and kiss her pussy softly back to a gentle calm.

I wait until she thinks I’m done, so I hear that sexy gasp when my fingers sneak inside her. I lift her carefully, letting her up off her shaky arms. Her priceless face is everything I want to see. Eyes squinted in lust, mouth wide and wanting. The precious look of blissful shock.

My hips are squirming just feeling how wet she is. I curl my fingers into her, grazing her G-spot as it’s still freshly throbbing. Her juices drip down my wrist as she fucks my hand. She holds me tightly as she moans sexily in my ear. Her hips shake so badly, my wrist jiggles between her thighs like a low murmuring vibrator.

I flick my fingers harder and feel her walls clamp around them. She curses again, letting her tension out with naughty bites to my skin. I squeeze a third finger inside her and it’s just enough to push her back into the throes of passion. I can feel her abs flex on my arm as she cums again. My fingers are suffocated within her trembling walls.

I kiss her breathless lips as she whispers incoherently. Words and whimpers overlap to babbling. She kisses me back as she wraps her arms around me. A muster of reserved strength in her shivers.

Her kisses slide lower. Smooth sexy glides to my neck and chest. She gathers my breasts and nibbles my skin, making my pussy tingle.

She pins me down in a sort of wrestled twist. Her arms weaved around my thighs and also gripping my wrists. My feet are trapped under her ribs, unable to move away. But I wouldn’t dare. I want her so badly, I’m at the verge of tears.

Her tongue swirls intensely around my arch. Jumping over the top, purposefully missing my clit. Yet, the slow circle back around makes me expect it. She’s torturing my pussy with deathly slow kisses. Her lips pressing everywhere but that spot I can cum easily. My hips can’t stay still from trying to follow her tongue.

She halts my shaking with a sweet bite to my inner thigh. She sucks hard, making me gasp in sweet pain. My toes are curling under her breasts. I have no thoughts left but to beg. The sound of my voice absent pride. I’m at the mercy of her lips, praying silently to cum.

She grips my wrists harder and slowly slides her tongue up to my pussy. I thrust up as she licks, and finally feel her mouth exactly where I want it. The contact is heavenly. A relief like that first morning stretch. Her tongue flips and curls in a sexy pattern, her lips pressed to my clit with no air in between.

Fire within me rises. My mouth savagely wide, relishing in the encumbrance of her sweet fucking mouth. My pussy stays at a plateau of tension that feels like my climax is trapped. But a sudden soft lick and a passionate kiss yanks me to bursting with a heavy throb that makes me cry out in devastation.

“Mmm… delicious…” she whispers under her breath.

She keeps my body in a state of convulsion. I feel her fingers dip inside me and she makes sure I watch her lick them clean. She’s savoring my taste like a cunt connoisseur. Lapping me clean from the inside out. My legs are tingling and numb, my body limp and weak, overwhelmed by the blow of my climax.

She kisses softly up my stomach and straddles my waist. I feel her hand press between us and she makes me watch her again as she plays with her pussy. Concentrating on her plump juicy lips. Her insatiable desire still at a high, refueling my own.

And to think we got to this moment by instant access. Usually, I’d be filled with questions. Where, why, and how. But at this moment, I’m filled with nothing but lust and trust. I’m going to kiss her like I’ve never tasted lips before. My heart open like it’s never been hurt. Reverting back to beautiful innocence and innovation. Curious caresses and sensual sways. Back and forth, side to side until we both come tumbling down.

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