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Rendezvous at the Merry-Go Lodge

Thank you for taking time to enjoy this excerpt.
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Thinkin’ ‘Bout her Black Boss

Welcome to 2020, my dear followers and readers. Thank you for having stuck with me for the past years. We still have a long...
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Your Room or Mine?

Thank you for enjoying this excerpt from my book “In May Comes Summer”. You can find it on my Wattpad page.
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Is Cuckoldry Meant For Me?

ID 26442897 © Wisky | Dreamstime.com A husband or boyfriend might one day ask himself this question: Am I meant to be a cuck? Is...
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Going Deep into the Cuckold Lifestyle

ID 132272951 © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib | Dreamstime.com How deep would you love to go into the Cuckold lifestyle? How much further down the Rabbit...
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Wife on the Prowl

Thank you for enjoying this tale. I’m taking time to work on something bigger. Till then, do show your love and appreciation for my...
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An Essay on Wife Sharing

1. Getting Rid of Fear:
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Let the Husband Watch!

How do you want to be held? In your Black Master’s arms, Grabbing at your butt Sucking on your tits While you moan and hunger for more . . . How...
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Greta’s Wedding Day

Thank you for taking time to enjoy this excerpt. You can find the complete work below on Wattpad. It’s free!!!
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This Craven, Cuckold Lust

Part one: A husband’s desire for his wife
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