A Study Break

photo: Viv Thomas My tenuous focus shatters as you enter the room behind me, but I’m more relieved than frustrated at the intrusion — I’ve been poring...
3 min read


photo: Christopher Campbell on Unsplash A gay erotica story “You should contact Matthew Nettleton; he is the top luxury real estate agent around here.” Drake sighed. If...
Adriana M
4 min read

Morning Love

I watched you get out of bed. As you gradually covered your glorious body, I lay in the warm spot you left,...
Sorcha Rowan
2 min read

A Tempting Interruption

photo: Viv Thomas You stretch luxuriously as you saunter down the stairs, like a cat rising from a sumptuous nap. You relish the cool caress...
2 min read

A Fiery Foray

photo: Viv Thomas The clay is cool where you touch it to my skin, soothing against my flushed cheeks. Whether it’s the margaritas, the fire...
7 min read

My Good Girl

She came out of the bathroom in that black pleated skirt that rode just above her knee and the slightly opaque white...
Sorcha Rowan
6 min read

Single Mom Soccer Committee

“I cannot believe the rest of this so-called committee didn’t show.” Jackie rubbed her eyes. “I know, but I think we’ve done enough...
Asrai Devin
5 min read

Tales from a Long Island Dungeon

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels part ten: everything’s under control Jason had murmured briefly into his phone, which had made me jump: a demonstration of...
6 min read

Toys and the TSA

 Traveling with Sex Toys What is it about a vacation that gets us so hot and bothered? It’s probably the change of pace...
Allison Leigh
2 min read

The First Woman I Loved

“You know you can violate me,” she says. My heart is beating fast. I don’t know what to do. I’m lying in bed...
Aurora Lemons
2 min read