I’m not sure how it happened

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I guess it had been a while. And I was buzzing from the gin earlier. And I'd always wanted to try it. And sometimes things just happen.

They were standing outside the takeaway. Eating chips. Students probably. Young. Good looking.

"Hey. Giz a chip."

I was already wet before I had dipped it in the ketchup. We all guessed where this was going.

We went back to their flat. I was right. Students. Turned out they'd only known each other two weeks. It felt safe. But I texted my pal the address anyway.

– Where? And with two? Where'd you find em? Have fun!

She didn't need to tell me to stay safe.

One of them rolled a joint whilst the other one opened a bottle of wine. Their third flatmate was out. Back down to London. Which was probably for the best.

"Let go through to the bedroom," I said.

I dunno whose room I'd picked, but it was tidy and the sheets looked clean. As I lay on the bed they stood awkwardly at the door.

"Come here," I smiled. They didn't need any further encouragement.

Me and Aziz had been at the pub. A couple of pints was all we could really afford. And a couple of bags of chips before back to the flat for joints and GTA. Aziz newly single. Me permanently single or so it had seemed since the summer. Now a chill autumn mist hung round the Edinburgh streets when I caught her eye.

Aziz nudged me in the ribs. "I think you're in there," he said as she came over.

She'd heard.

"Play yer cards right and you could both be in here," she said with a smile as she dipped a chip into the ketchup.

Now we're both stood at Aziz's door as she says, “Come here.”

I dropped my t-shirt on the floor and lay next her. Her hands on my chest as I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Kiss me," she mouthed. Her warm lips tasted of gin and smoke and lust. I ran my fingers down her neck. Down her back. Feeling the warmth of her skin under her top and vest, both of which she slipped off. Her warm skin. Her hard nipples. I felt the bed move as Aziz lay behind her, felt his hands exploring her body as well.

I started as I felt him lie behind me — what had I got myself into? As I felt his hands on my breasts, my stomach, running down my legs. I broke from his kiss and let out a sigh. As I lifted my hips four hands pulled down my pants. I lay on my back, skirt round my hips as they both ran their hands up my legs. I felt their fingers in my hair, one of them ran a finger over my clit, another finger slipped inside, another finger traced along the lips of my cunt, I closed my eyes as I felt lips on my nipple, on my neck. Their two bodies naked beside me, I felt them stiffen.

"Have you got condoms?" I say, "and lube…"

I slip into Jake's room, surely he'll have some. Condoms in the drawer. No lube — dunno what he gets up to. By the time I get back Aziz is lying on his back, she's lying next to him stroking his cock — this is the first time I've seen another guy’s hard cock, I think. I drop the condoms on the bed and quickly undress. I don't think I've ever felt so hard as I watch her slide down on Aziz’s cock. God I hope I don't come too soon.

I don't think I've ever felt so wet as his pal watches me slide down onto his cock. I give a slight giggle as I watch him standing there, cock standing to attention. I slide up and down a couple of times, it feels like my thighs are soaking as I lean forward, pushing my clit hard against him, feeling him pulse inside my cunt.

"Here, get behind me," I say to his pal, pleased to see he has a condom on already.

"Sorry, I couldn't fine any lube," he says.

"No worries. I'm wet enough."

I feel his finger trace the edge of my cunt as I slowly move up and down on the hard cock. I feel his finger wet with my moisture, run up and over my asshole. I shudder again.

She so wet I don't need lube. And so hot I feel the warmth from her thighs. My finger teases her asshole, slipping up and over and over again. And as it buds outwards I slip my wet finger inside as she plunges down hard on Aziz’s cock. She stops moving.

"Is that ok?" I ask.

"God yes!"

She stays almost motionless, just grinding her clit against Aziz as I slip my finger out then slowly in again. Further this time. Fuck! I can feel Aziz’s cock inside her. My finger massaging his cock as I slip it in and out of her ass.


"God yes!"

I stay almost motionless as I feel his finger slide in and out my ass, as his thumb rubs my coccyx and my clit pushes hard against his pal and my tits rub against his chest and I feel his breath on my neck. I bite on his ear. I love ass play.


"Fuck yes."

I almost cum as his finger slips outta my ass…always the best bit!…and wait. Motionless. My whole body tense. Tingling. Ready to cum.

I feel the head of his cock against my asshole. I shift my ass up to get the angle as I feel his hand on my ass. His thumb opening my hole. I grab his friend’s hand as his cock forces its way in. God it's tight. I feel like my whole body is stretched. I feel him withdraw slightly, push, then further in as my whole body relaxes. It feels like their cocks are meeting inside me. I feel him withdraw again and this time his whole cock slides inside me. I feel his balls. I'm still motionless. As his cock slides inside again I can no longer wait, I start moving up and down on the hard cock in my cunt as he fucks my ass. It takes a few strokes but then we hit our rhythm. His friend starts thrusting but I move my hand down to his hips, holding him down.

"Don't move," I whisper, "not yet."

And he lies still, his hard cock inside me.

My hand moves under me. To my clit. I pick up my pace sliding up and down faster on his cock as I pinch my clit and feel the cock going deep into my ass. We're no longer in rhythm but it doesn’t matter as I feel my orgasm building from my clit. Warmth spreading from deep inside. Down my thighs. Over my buttocks. To my nipples.

"I'm gonna cum," I yell as my body spasms and I feel his cock pulsing inside my ass.

I grab her hips as I fuck her ass deeper. Harder.

"I'm gonna cum," she yells.

"Me too," I whisper as I collapse on top of her.

She continues to move up and down on Aziz's still hard cock. I'd almost forgotten he was there. I roll onto the bed as she arches backwards putting both hands on his chest as she continues to fuck him.

"I think I've another one in here," she says as she closes her eyes again.

As I feel my second orgasm receding I open my eyes and he's still lying there. Smiling.

"Is it ok if I move yet?" he asks with a grin.

"Sure," I smile, "where to?"

"Behind you? If that's ok?"

So he wants my ass too. Fine. He's earned it.

"Sure," I say, "but try this…"

I reach for the joint that was abandoned earlier. As I light it she lifts herself off Aziz and lies face up on the bed.

"Here shift over," she says, "and pass the dutchie."

I pass her the joint and after a deep draw she passes it to Aziz as she parts her legs and slips her hand down to her cunt, curling her fingers through the dark hairs.

I draw deeply on the joint and pass it to his pal. His cock still rock hard. No wonder, I think as I slide my hand over my breast. Down my stomach. And curl my fingers over my clit. I start to raise my knees.

"I wanna watch your face while you fuck my ass," I say.

I lock eyes with him as I bring my hand to my mouth, spitting onto my fingers. I lift my legs as my fingers explore my asshole. Slipping one, then two fingers inside. As he kneels on the bed I move my hand to my clit and lift my hips.

"Fuck me," I say.

I feel his cock against my asshole.

"Go on," I says as he hesitates. I'm so relaxed and stretched he slides in with one thrust. I feel like I'm being split in two as he thrusts again, hands now on my thighs. I reach my hands above my head. Thrusting my ass up with every thrust of his.

A few more thrusts and I feel him tense. As he closes his eyes I feel his cock pulse in my ass.

I wake up up in Aziz’s bed. He's lying next to me. Fast asleep. The pale morning light's coming through the skylight. Did that actually happen? I think.

Then I hear the front door shut. I reach over for a cigarette. On the table is a note.

"Call me. Both of you x"

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