I want to run free

Image: denisbin: Brownhill Creek Park, Mitcham, South Australia | (CC BY-ND 2.0) I want to runfree in the jungle that wild grows, find the burrowthat...
Tyrone Graham
18 sec read

Lie down and relax your pussy muscles

Vanishing point lomo by Young Tran Miranda dumped her bags on one side of the king-sized bed in her hotel room and plonked herself on...
Max Skinner
4 min read

What is it really like to be a Porn…

“Did you just win a fucking AVN?!” Lexi screamed at me. We were sitting third row from the front at my second ever AVN show,...
Samantha Bentley
4 min read

The Waterwheel

Water trickling water gurgling surging splashing sploshy burbling Wooden wheel tirelessly turning spun by cascading torrents churning O I’m such a naughty girl! On sunny...
Spanking Theatre
1 min read

Lavish Luxuries for Lunch

Art By Samarel It was noon, sun blazing and the cab ride seemed endless. The day was beating like it was repeating cycles, but it...
Casey Elizabeth McDonald
3 min read

Lust for Breakfast

Blindfolded, biting her bottom lip, clenching down on the worn sheets. Lying in a puddle of her own juiciness, fantasizing about the erotic tales...
Casey Elizabeth McDonald
1 min read

I am the Daughter of Eros

I am the daughter of Eros I wear the Scarlet Letter like a badge of honor showing the sins of my carnal effigy That which binds me Shall also...
2 min read


Beautiful, magically warm, mysterious place! Let’s get into it… Things to know There are levels to this powerful female part: Surprisingly, vaginas all look alike on the...
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I was packing up my remaining booklets and laptop in the large conference room after the obligatory “lunch and learn” presentation I had to...
Fierce Force
6 min read

My cam girls cooking show goes wild…

“Greg, it looks like we’re breaking new ground here! I’ve never heard of a ‘cam’ cooking show before!” The girls had finally agreed to my...
George Poston
6 min read