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Girls in the Bathroom

Art by @tendership One of my first jobs in NYC was in retail. I hated the company but loved my co-workers. We hung out...
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3 plus me

@erotic.watercolor So there’s a man from another country I met some years back. Whenever he’s in town he likes to take me out. We...
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Beautiful, magically warm, mysterious place! Let’s get into it… Things to know There are levels to this powerful female part: Surprisingly, vaginas all look alike on the...
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Dun Dun Dunnn… Ass play, are you in or out? Ass — Everyone loves to look but no one wants to touch them or have theirs touched!...
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Call him Daddy, you won’t regret it! “I’ve heard from a fair amount of men who were turned off by it, and were worried that...
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