The Waterwheel

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Water trickling

water gurgling

surging splashing

sploshy burbling

Wooden wheel

tirelessly turning

spun by cascading

torrents churning

O I’m such a naughty girl!

On sunny days I love to take

A whippy whacking rod

One to make my bottom ache

Naughty me, I’m quite undressed

Soft lush grass, bare feet caressed

A sunlit stroll, by gleaming brook

Down to my secret spanking nook

Passers-by would not believe

What devious imagination first conceived

Of harnessing pure water’s flow

To whack naughty bottoms so

I bend across the wooden bench

And slot the cane into the post

I feel it press upon my cheeks

Then the bit I love the most

On the wheel there is a peg

It lifts the cane and makes it creak

Up and up it bends until it slips

Whacking back to make me squeak

A short pause to catch my breath

Cane upon my stinging cheeks

The peg will soon be round again

Do any ever hear my shrieks?

My merciless water-powered imagination machine

Whisks my mind away to waking dreams

I imagine wrist and ankle stocks

They place a rod across my bum

Leaving me struggling against my locks

My shouts receding as they walk away

Leaving me at the mercy of the wheel

Perhaps they’ll not return today

Or I’m a naughty miller’s daughter

Sent to the wheel, discovered wanking

I’m disciplined by gushing water

Returning home to show my spanking

Afterwards I love to lie

On the dewy riverbank under sky

Damp grass soothing poor pink bum

Slow filthy rubbing ’til I come

Mesmerised by the turning wheel

I rub to the rhythm of the lifting cane

Massaging deep within my crack

Pleasure overwhelming pain

O how it bends, and then whips back

Where my bottom used to be

My ears fill with an imagined thwack

Until I’m swept away excitedly

At night I listen to the rain

A trillion raindrops fill my dreams

Uniting… merging… surging…

Into torrential bottom smacking streams




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