My cam girls cooking show goes wild…

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“Greg, it looks like we’re breaking new ground here! I’ve never heard of a ‘cam’ cooking show before!”

The girls had finally agreed to my suggestion for their cam show tonight. This session was teased as an event so there were only limited requests allowed, which I would oversee. The girls were going to cam from their kitchen and the menu was set for guy appeal: nachos, steak and no-bake cheesecake. Their kitchen was less than ideal; tiny, crowded and with two parallel counters, one with the sink and the other with the grill and burners. A logistical nightmare, but I would stand with my video camera filming live while their two laptops were on the counter opposite the stove, that way the laptops got the rear view and I got the front and side.

And what a view they had! Martha, Juliett and Jessica were wearing the smallest, frilliest aprons I could find — and nothing else. Their goodies were barely concealed by those frills, but we would see how long that would last. The view from the back, with Jessica and Juliett’s slim, pink tushies as well as Martha’s plump bottom, was very special.

“All right guys, to get this started we are actually going to make the dessert first!” Juliett said with a grin as I started shooting. “See, I mixed up the chocolate cookie crumbs with melted butter and now I’m pressing them into the pan with the back of a spoon, Martha?”

“Ok… ummm, this is the filling; you just pour the filling mix into the bowl and then stir it in with a whip.” Martha was concentrating on whipping that filling, puffing a lock of hair out of her eyes, her nice big boobies jiggling with the effort and starting to spill out from behind her apron.

“Honey, let me help you with that,” said Jessica and she got down on her knees and pulled one of Martha’s wide, soft areolae into her mouth, winking at the camera as she licked the nipple into stiffness. I got a great close up.

“Shit! Jess, I have to beat this for three minutes. Don’t distract me!” Martha smacked Jessica on the back of her head.

“Calm down, Martha. Here, I’ll tuck those girls back in for you.” Juliett cupped Martha’s big breasts in her hands gently, trying to slip them back in, but then surrendered to the inevitable, shrugged, and began to massage the soft, heavy flesh. Martha’s eyes rolled up and she dropped the whisk, which Jessica caught. She leaned back and started making out with Juliett.

“I’ll finish this,” Jessica said to the camera with a wide grin, and she gave a little shimmy and got it done, spreading broken cookie pieces on top.

“Ok Jess, that looks good. Cover it with plastic and it goes in the ‘fridge,” I said. “Uh, Jules… Jules!” Juliett and Martha popped up in surprise, with tits bouncing. Wow. “Juliett, time to start the steak!”

“Sure Greg, uhhh…?”

I whispered, “The steak gets seasoned and goes on the grill…”

“Got it!” She saluted and grabbed the plate out of the ‘fridge. “Ok boys, get a load of this meat!” and she unwrapped a fat, twenty-four ounce Porterhouse prime steak. I had to drive down the mountain to Riverside for it. If anything could distract an American male from these three lovely naked girls it was that slab of red meat, shining with white fat and split with a T-bone.

“Boys, sprinkle it all over with a nice seasoning blend and pop it on a hot grill. Making sure you first grease the iron with the back fat!” Which she did very well, sliding the smoking fat strip along the grill and plonking the steak right down in it.

“Bravo Juliett! Well done. How long until we turn it?”

“Ummmm…” I held up fingers. “Seven minutes for each turn!” Jessica and Martha giggled and clapped, happy for her.

“Ok Jessica, you’re up.”

“Ooooh! Nachos, right?”

“Yup, the kitchen is yours, Jess!”

“Well, gentlemen! Even I know how to make nachos. Since the oven is already on, I just pile a platter with tortilla chips and cheese. I like Jack cheese…” licking her lips. She was piling on the cheese while Juliett and Martha sidled up next to her. “And then it goes in the oven for just four minutes.”

She put the platter in awkwardly, buns up in the air. The girls didn’t miss a trick and their hands went to Jessica’s ass, copping a good feel. Jessica turned to them, lifting her leg for better access while Martha dropped to her knees. Juliett was fingering Jessica’s pussy while Martha was licking her between her cheeks. I dropped to my knees and zoomed in for a few minutes…

“Girls, the oven!”

“Oh no!” Jessica jumped up, flushed now, and grabbed hot pads and pulled out the nachos, which had started to smoke. “Ooops, Don’t forget to take the nachos out!” she chided the camera while they picked the few scorched chips off the top, blowing on their fingertips.

“And then while the cheese is hot pour the toppings on! Yay!” She quickly dumped the tomatoes, chillies and olives all over and then spooned on the guacamole and sour cream until you couldn’t see any chips on the overloaded platter. “Done! Voila!”

They all had a bite while I turned the steak for the final time and the girls went back into the clinch. They lifted little Martha up on the counter and spread her thighs. They all knew what to do now and Julie was mashing lips with Martha and squeezing her fat tits while Jessica drove her tongue into Martha’s soft anus. She was shaking and shivering in no time while Jess whipped her clit, the little wet slaps audible on camera; all three cameras were on the action and I got fairly close with the video cam.

I glanced over at the laptop screen and the requests were coming in fast and furious.

Let’s see some fingering. Jessica’s ass please…

Jessica lay on the counter and Martha kissed her way up to Jessica’s pussy and licked her way inside. Jess closed her eyes, squeezing one breast. Martha licked two fingers and pushed them between Jessica’s spread ass cheeks easily. She nodded at me and I zoomed in the cam while Martha inserted three and then four fingers, slow fucking Jessica’s asshole. Jessica moaned, loving the sensation.

Martha stroked a little deeper with each push, concentrating now, her other hand just massaging Jessica’s clit slowly, letting her pleasure build. She spread her fingers, opening Jessica’s asshole wider. Jessica was really squirming now, she had her knees pulled up high and eyes closed, breathing deeply.

“Oh… oh… oh!” Jessica let out with every thrust, her fingers on her clit now along with Martha’s. I nodded to Juliett, who was touching herself as she watched, to lower the lights. The dim light with only the kitchen hood light on was better, more intimate.

Jessica’s cries were louder now and more insistent and soon she was gasping in orgasm, writhing and then tumbling off the counter; we all jumped and caught her, steadying her and helping her to stand.

“Wow! That was freakin’ intense,” she giggled, her green eyes glowing, her face flushed.

“Greg what about this?” Juliett held up a dildo, penis shaped but bright pink, with an extension at the base bent up at a ninety degree angle topped with a butt plug.

“Wow, cool toy!”

Martha grinned. “Oh yeah, it’s great! Jules, come here, let’s show them.” She knelt behind Juliett and licked her ass for a while and then installed the plug end into her asshole. The dildo end stood out in front of her just like a cock. They both hopped up on the kitchen counter and Juliett started fucking Martha from behind, which looked great with Martha’s big boobs swinging free. The girls were grinning and getting into it. Juliett couldn’t exactly slam Martha hard with that plug in her ass so it was slow and steady which made it even hotter and sexier.

The cam audience were loving it judging by their reactions on screen. Jessica and I were just enjoying the show, until she backed up to me and planted her butt cheeks in my lap and started to grind, holding me by the hips. My boner was already throbbing, giving her something to grind on.

She whispered to me over her shoulder, “I’d rather have the real thing.” Her eyes were like big green pools as she slid my pants down until my cock sprang free. Our lips melted together and she reached down and guided me between her cool smooth cheeks into her hot, soft anus. Now I was really throbbing and I pushed into her ass hard. She had her hands on the counter, straining back at me, and she felt lovely; it was intense and then I was cumming, filling her and not stopping until she came with a shudder.

“Ok ladies, time to try everything you made.” I reheated the food and plated the dessert and the girls were all seated at the counter on some stools, looking like perfect little ladies, except naked under their frilly aprons and hair totally wild with that ‘freshly fucked’ look.

“Mmmm Greg! The steak is wonderful!” Martha said, chewing a mouthful.

“Yeah, and the nachos are yummy although they taste a little… smoky,” Juliett smirked.

“They do not!” Jessica was outraged.

“Jessica, try the dessert!” I was trying to make peace.

“Oh it’s good all right,” she said, munching a bite, “but it belongs here!” and she whipped a handful of it at Juliett; and with that the food fight was on and the nachos were flying! A minute later the girls were laughing and wiping green guacamole and chips off of their tits and brushing cream off their faces and out of their hair. I made a dive to save the steak and got the rest of the nacho platter dumped on my head. But fortunately the Porterhouse was undamaged…

Martha stepped gingerly over to me and gave me a hug. “Greg, remember you promised, if we did the cooking you would do the clean up, right?”

“Right you are…” I gulped.

“So get cracking Greg!” she slapped my ass. “And we will all be in the shower…”

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