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I was packing up my remaining booklets and laptop in the large conference room after the obligatory “lunch and learn” presentation I had to host quarterly. Only a few stragglers remained with final questions, most had bolted the second the time was up — many of them there for the free lunch anyway. A couple of assistants came in to bogart the remaining sandwiches and I was ready to bounce too.

I had one more meeting and fantasies of a hot bath and nap later were on my horizon.

Just as the room emptied and I was applying some touch-up lip gloss, one of my competitors walked in. I couldn’t believe it; shocked because today was ‘my day’ at this distributor’s office. They couldn’t have double booked, and he knows that. What the fuck was he doing there?

Him: FF, hey — how are you?

Me: Hi! I’m… um… good, just finished up here. Hey though, today is my day here. Did they mess up, or are you on the schedule too?

Him: No, no they didn’t fuck up, I know I’m not supposed to be here and don’t worry, I’m not meeting any clients here anyway… actually I just snuck in when I heard you were around. I was determined to catch you. You look great, by the way. Love the suit!

I had to admit, the dude was looking fine. Just fine. Sharp dark suit, crisp white shirt, bold tie, compass cufflinks, monogram sticking out from under his sleeve. Fit, jacked, and long hair styled back with tight sides. The kind of hair you picture looking just as great with a white Calvin Klein undershirt on, with those beautiful, brown, soft-skinned arms bulging out.


Me: Oh, well what’s up? I just have a few minutes. How are things? Are you checking to see how business is so far this year?

Him: Please girl, I’m well aware of how business is for you, you’re the fucking queen and the envy of every competitor out there!

He walked up hella close to me.

I was taken aback. I wasn’t expecting it. I caught a whiff of him, damn he smelled just as fine as he looked. He moved in so close that I had to put my arms behind me and place my hands down on one of the long tables to balance. My ass was leaning on the table. My stilettos made me seem ever so slightly taller than him, but he leaned into me, as I automatically bent back a little. He whispered in Spanish into my ear, putting his hands on my arms gently but with complete assurance.

Him: I want to get all up in your business, FF!

What? It was so out of left field. It caught me off guard. And hott as fuck! I’d never been in that situation before, ever. I had butterflies of nerves going in all directions. We were not exactly in a private place. And this kind of behavior was not my jam. If clients walked in on us we would be fucked! A big conference room full of long tables, remaining sandwiches and pickles and two unlocked entrances. Shit! My mind didn’t know what to make of it but my body sure did.

When he whispered with such authority I must admit, my hot mariposa under my pencil skirt immediately secreted sticky horny wetness. Perfect timing because he stroked the inside of my naked thigh and easily slipped his middle finger under my lacy thong and right up inside me in an ever so swift but gentle way. He pulled his wet finger out and immediately suctioned his mouth around it. Holy fuck! My nipples started getting hard.

Even though he was so much younger then me — and he was right, I am the fucking queen of this territory, I dominate and crush sales — my body slumped into his authority and he immediately took charge by pulling my panties all the way down to my six-inch heels. At that point I was speechless anyway. I wanted to take him however he wanted to give it to me.

He lifted my white ass and planted it on the edge of the table while moving my arms back so that I was resting on my elbows. My pencil skirt was way high on my thighs and keep getting higher as he spread me open. He bent down with no reservation and burrowed his face in between my thighs.

Lunch indeed!

Fuck, it felt amazing! His tongue knew just how to get to me, despite him not knowing my body at all. I think I’d only even met him two or three times before, at packed events. But he was learning me now all right, as I schooled him with my encouraging moans and yeses. Like all great lovers, he focused on my clit. Tantalizing and swirling his wet warm tongue — playing with the tip and the whole thing, slow then rapid, teasing me and eating me out. I had one of my hands playing with my hard nipple too, turning me on even more.

I knew in order to cum I’d have to let go of any inhibition I had that someone might walk in, and let go of the idea of making my next meeting even remotely close to on time.

I let that go, put my hands on his head, pulled him even closer to my mariposa lips, which get hella huge when I’m turned on. My clit was smooth yet stiff and protruding out, right as he brought me to the edge, then over it!

Me: Oh my fucking fucking god damn fucking GOD!


Me: Holy Shit!

I yelled a little too loudly. Fuck! How long had it been? Surely someone was going to clean up this remaining food soon? Surely I was late for something, though I could not remember what?

Luckily I didn’t have to think yet because this beautiful man knew what the fuck he was doing. He flipped my ass around in one swoop and I lay across the table, stilettos making my roundedness look absolutely perfect for him. He quickly unbuckled the massive bulge in his pants and led his thick cock to my slippery hot posa and stuffed me. We had no time for a long drawn out, sweet and slow time. Fuck no. Plus this was hot as fuck. He drilled me hard, and damn that’s the best feeling right after cumming.

Me: I need something from you.

Him (while thrusting, his head as close as he could get it me so he could kiss the back of my slightly sweaty neck): What’s that baby?

Me: I need you to give me YOUR business. All up deep inside me ok? Like right now. All of it!

Him: Are you sure?

Me: Oh yeah, I’m sure, I want to have your warm jizz so far up in me that it doesn’t come out right away. That way after my next meeting I can go stick my own fingers up myself and play again and get to taste you off my own hand.

Him (gasps and grunts): Oh fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck yeah baby damn oh my fucking godddddd! Mother fuck!

His cock surged warm dick spit so far up inside me I thought if I didn’t have an IUD in I’d immediately be calling him my baby daddy. Goddamn! Dude knew what the fuck he was doing!

He collapsed on me for a hott second while collecting his breath, then whispered all kind of hot sexy things in Spanish that I didn’t understand. I’m sure it was along the lines of how he had fantasized about having me for months, how I’m the talk of all the competitors, how he feels like a king now, how hott I am and how he jerks off to me all the time. Yeah, something like that I was sure.

Him: God bless la rubia gringa queen!

Me: God bless sleeping with the enemy!

Shit, it was late! We quickly smoothed out our clothing and got a grip as soon as possible — like right as I applied lip gloss again the Branch Manager’s assistant had come in to set up for another meeting.

I said goodbye to her quickly but did a double take at the same time. What? I had never really noticed before, but damn her tits looked great! She was hella sexy and she gave me this look as I turned to leave. A look like…? Was she interested in me?

Hmmmm, maybe next quarter?

The King and I both dashed out — to the lobby and elevator bank, staggering our exits.

I waited for the elevator to go down a few floors to the next office, processing all that just happened. This crafty guy though, the elevator opened and there he was! He pulled me in and planted his lips on mine, his tongue tasting like me.

Him: That was fucking hot. I’m going to call you later, and I do hope you will say yes to meeting me later tonight. I was upgraded to a phat suite and I’d love to run you a hot bath and massage your scalp and wash your hair and then give you the long and slow kind of attention that every inch of your body and mind deserve.

Before I could even say anything the door opened and he stepped out, leaving me breathless.

I got to my floor, hit the restroom quickly, smelling him as I peed and a little cum started to drip out. Cleaned up, attempted to make my hair look semi normal, took one last big breath, smoothed out my pencil skirt and readjusted my lacy bra under my suit jacket.

I walked into the lobby and spoke to the receptionist:

Me: could you please let your Sales Manager know Fierce Force is here?

Then I laughed to myself: right now, I think F.F. doesn’t stand for Fierce Force , it stands for Freshly Fucked. Hollar!

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