Tyrone Graham



10 Stories by Tyrone Graham

Always good

Alwaysgood, it’s better all waysand every way: sixty-four posturesplus what’s not in the book — but bestwith you — any way —
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Sleek, clean,I cleave the waves sleek and cleanas my prow, my thrust, mare to my madness. True as to protoplast,I cleaveto my bent,riding my...
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Filling in a sandwich

When we embarked On Noah’s ArkWe went in two by two Two made a pairMore was unfairIt’s called being untrue Or so they sayBut there’s...
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You, woman, you

You, woman, you are about to burst forthinto full flower, balancedto blossomand bloomas never before — and I, scenting your perfume, lingerlonger — marveling, marveling —
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Kneeling beforethe bush a-burning, my soul prostrate and pulsing, I worship divinity —
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Creator perfected verve past theatre in this curve so finely wrought  — so divinely — I caught my breath, riveted  — and my world since then pivoted ’round...
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Image: David Swift: Bouquet | (CC BY 2.0) Who’d moderate my taste visceral, rate and lay waste to figure curves so divine it deserves to...
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Sleeping beauty

Image: Steve Cottrell: Heligan-6307: Sleeping Woman: Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall | (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) The girl of my dreams comes to me in sleep...
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Image: Crystal Hollinger: Angel is the Centerfold: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania | (CC BY-SA 2.0) I willrousethe rose withinyou as I rise between your...
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I want to run free

Image: denisbin: Brownhill Creek Park, Mitcham, South Australia | (CC BY-ND 2.0) I want to runfree in the jungle that wild grows, find the burrowthat...
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