I am the Daughter of Eros

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I am the daughter of Eros

I wear the Scarlet Letter

like a badge of honor

showing the sins of my carnal effigy

That which binds me

Shall also set me free

That which pulls us together

Is the same force that rips us apart

But what is here is not now

Will one day be yesterday

Forever driven by the fate of one

Bad decision…

I broke his heart today,

A cut so deep I don’t want to say

Admit my mistakes of being a slut

Of wanting to be filled with every man’s seed

What is a fluid bond

If fluid is still shared?

I don’t know what’s real

And what’s lost

A thing gained …

Is only a thing being taken away

I’m not yours

Nor are you mine.

Even though we want to hold each other

Until the end of time

Just witness me

For what I really am

As the daughter of Eros

That which binds me

Shall be the force that sets me free.

Couldn’t I be the daughter of Virtue?

Be a good girl,

Do as I am told,

Always ready to please,

Not being such a cock tease,

Knowing and standing for truth

Wearing innocent scents such as vanilla and vermouth?

Why couldn’t I be the daughter of Virtue?

Desired by a Heavenly Father

And not the figure I bend over for

And repent my sexual sins to,

Yes Daddy, please punish me

I have sucked cock and came all over the sheets

I shall be slapped and punished for

My lack of virtue,

Repenting the sins bent over your pulpit,

I will read the bible for every time I forget

That your cock is King.

Why can’t I be the daughter of Purity?

Wearing all white, joining my husband, still a virgin.

Daddy hold my hand,

my Hymen intact, down the aisle.

“I, the Virgin-whore of Love, declare a vow to glorify God in my body and spirit which are God’s because I have been borrowed through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

I, the daughter of Purity, I honor the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost

I vow to walk in chastity, in devotion to my virgin ways… And wait to share my secret moist places with only that of my husband…”

As I take the first steps down the aisle,

blood spills, rains, drops down the white of my dress,

flooding the deception of all patriarchs;

the body of a woman they claim as theirs, when I know it is borrowed from my mother; the whore that bred me, the one walking on street corners to feed me;

I, no daughter of Chastity, made of blood, sweat and sex, born of desire;

The whore made of woman,

while man, always the Savior,

the crusader, the crucifier, the redeemer,

There is no place for a whore in heaven

So I choose to walk the streets of earthly slums,

a safe haven for dirty girls,

Not hell but no good place for me

For I am a daughter of Eros

Desirable by all, but only for a fleeting passing of time

The knives of desire cut into my scarring flesh,

Maybe I’ll become puritanical one day

or imagine a world where sluttery is revered as a holy virtue —

I am sex’s Slave and I bow down to her and suck her cock.

I bend over and she bitch slaps me into submission.

I take it because I am

Her bitch, her holy servant

Her sacred whore; I want her come on my face,

dripping down my throat, down my insides

Sex is my slave and I have my way with her.

I am no daughter of virtue, but of Her deepest desires.

I, the slut perverted, make you choke on my spit and take you

as you deserve to be taken;

I can only take what is rightfully mine.

I know not of purity, only of being a servant to arousal.

How may I serve thee? For I am the daughter of Eros,

The Scarlet Letter branded on my heart

I wear my pussy on my sleeve,

So easily seduced into the realm of lust-full sins,

For I would rather walk the streets where I belong

Then serve another’s false ideology.

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