Casey Elizabeth McDonald



4 Stories by Casey Elizabeth McDonald

Divine Dinner

Artist: Cas.Eyez I was in a retro luxurious cowboy bar. The light was dim illuminating the crowded surface of faces. The air was musty...
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Lavish Luxuries for Lunch

Art By Samarel It was noon, sun blazing and the cab ride seemed endless. The day was beating like it was repeating cycles, but it...
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Lust for Breakfast

Blindfolded, biting her bottom lip, clenching down on the worn sheets. Lying in a puddle of her own juiciness, fantasizing about the erotic tales...
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Rise in Seduction

Unveil the DIVINE QUEEN in all her GLORY! Devoured in love, lavishing in the essence of each moment, dripping with sensual seduction, laced up and...
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