Lust for Breakfast

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Blindfolded, biting her bottom lip, clenching down on the worn sheets. Lying in a puddle of her own juiciness, fantasizing about the erotic tales of her heroin God.

She was awoken by an aroma of vanilla, tickling her sense of smell. The sound of tiny sparks hindered her hearing. A candle of melted wax began oozing across her bust, melting into a hard, silky formation. A quiver ran up her spine, electrifying the dimensions of her senses. Her toes curled at the very thought of being touched by this man. His hands grasped her breasts, squeezing ever so tightly, drawing infinities into her heart as her nipples began to perk.

Chills of excitement lapped her body. Every inch of her senses was amplified by the touch of this man and his sexy pheromones. He laced his tongue around her waist creating figure eights of delight. Raising the temperature in the room incrementally. The heat was on and it was only eight in the morning.

Swerving his tongue down to her legs, he began to bite softly, lifting her hairs to give her a shiver. He worked his way up to the golden temple of erotic pleasure. He teased her by biting right below her pelvic bones. She lifted from the wet bed with an arch, each bite further arousing lust for her male breakfast. Her stomach twitched in disarray, losing all control over her movement. She relaxed into submission, allowing the depth to become exotic.

As he seduced her in sequence, she raised from the bed in bliss, heightened by a twist of his tongue penetrating her miss. Followed by a kiss, wrapped in whipped cream filled lips. Each french fragile motion bestowing devotion upon her. She was masked and unable to see the pleasure of the man tasting her own pleasure.

Breakfast was served, a masculine eggs benedict to spice up her curves. The mood was all hers, delighted by his unequivocal spurs. Inducing racing horses from her mind, untaming the heart-beasts as they begin to grind. He flipped her around latching his hands on her rounds, squeezing tightly as she screamed out loud. Bound to the ground, playing around, making a pile of their clothes in a mound. Surrounded by the morning sounds, earthbound as he swung her to parade around.

Walking in heels, swaying her tail in symphony, synchronized legs open to say yes to me. Morning arousal is filled with oils, lathering her body in sweet coils. Dancing with passion, her hips glide into action, unveiling the mask, as he sits back and basks.

For breakfast is served with her lips and tongue twisted around his nerves. He welcomes her from the unseen by devouring her. Pulses are pumping and these two are humping, erotic measures for two to start fucking. Iron-bound and bouncing her as she swerves, grinding into her knees with ease as she begins to tease, wake up sweet darling it’s time for you to be appeased.

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