There She Goes….~

The touch that soothes all pain is that of the comfort of seeing you againAnd when finally our eyes should meetwill you...
Anthony Cloe Huie
45 sec read

In A Crowd

It’s easy in a crowd.Bodies are so close together.So many hands, and hips, and curves touching.And my hand fits so perfectly to...
The Wind-Up Boy
1 min read

The Taste Of You

Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash You and I will never be strangers to one another.The taste of you lingers in me; the taste of...
Alma Awakened
55 sec read

Into the abyss…

Yesterday I was born again. You see; He made love to my ear with his tongue. It was strange. A heady mix of noise and wetness;...
18 sec read

Your Pussy’s Like a Drug

Gets me so high… Your pussy’s like a druggets me so highput my mouth on your sweet pussyand breathe in deeptastes so sweetI’m high...
Colt Stevens
21 sec read


WITH PATIENCE comes everything, Dear Asha,and a smooth, teasing grip with just enoughfriction to make me shiver in your grasp. It’s the torture...
Francis David
26 sec read

Without A Single Touch

Orgasm with the mind Silky sheets caress and blend with the heat of my skin.I lie still, arising heat. Breath slows down, yet deepens...
Alma Awakened
56 sec read

My Collared Sub

 As I sip on a cup from a strong evening brew, I presume my laptop is lighting up my face, glowing...
The Romantic Dominant
1 min read

Writing Lines

Writing lines. Writing lines. Writing lines. . . . Lines enough until your tendons ache Until your throbbing muscles quake And your haughty brattiness starts to break...
Spanking Theatre
1 min read

Where u b?

Chris Barbalis on Unsplash I want your wildness rampaging inside me. Riding me fast then slow then fast again, pounding in furious pleasure against my...
Vienna De Vega
42 sec read