There She Goes….~

45 sec read

photo: MetArt

The touch that soothes all pain is that of
the comfort of seeing you again
And when finally our eyes should meet
will you still see me
the same
Will my lips reflect kisses just as sweet
my eyes brighten your day
or just passed
as strangers in the streets
Will our hearts reach across all boundaries
Our spirits forgive our childish indiscretions
Will our love, bruised and abandoned
recognize the way we were

Should we in passing once again meet
Would you hug me the way you once used to
our hands touching ever so softly
not wanting to spark our painful past
Or perhaps I’m lost in this never ending dream
just another lost member of your forgotten cast

Once when you touched me so gently
nothing stayed still
not even the earth beneath my feet
Once when we kissed so very passionately
as if we were the oxygen of life
to each other’s heartbeat
Once when life took it all away
You seeing it your way I seeing mine
we simply drifted with time

Sadly the road we left behind
makes it no clearer than the road ahead
but I would much rather do the distance
ahead with you
than be in the loneliness of the past instead
Now longing for that touch that soothes all pain
that being the comfort of seeing you again


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