The Twelve Inspections of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love inspected me. Naked. Kneeling. Bottom up, cheeks held apart. On the second day of Christmas, my...
Spanking Theatre
1 min read

Horny Thorny

You are an exquisite elusive distant Rose I am your irritating prickly thorny You are inaccessible with legs firmly closed I am aroused hot and horny...
Max Skinner
12 sec read

Adrenaline Rush

I know the secret I know why spanking thrills you so . . I can feel it thrum against my fingertips When I put you across...
Spanking Theatre
1 min read

Rise in Seduction

Unveil the DIVINE QUEEN in all her GLORY! Devoured in love, lavishing in the essence of each moment, dripping with sensual seduction, laced up and...
Casey Elizabeth McDonald
2 min read