The Taste Of You

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Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

You and I will never be strangers to one another.
The taste of you lingers in me; the taste of me is imprinted in you.

From the moment you kissed me, that shy attempted nip
that was just a bite of my lower lip,
much like two teenagers, unsure of what next,
to the devouring passion I had tasted our last night.

You and I will never be a memory of one another.
The taste of me in your mouth of the delicious flower eating

From your tongue on me, inspecting and discovering, giving yourself time
while rimming each corner of my pussy to unravel hidden pleasure,
much like a mechanic, curious about each corner of his toy,
to find the accelerating buttons for a mind-blowing performance.

You and I will never quite forget each other.
The depth of you leaves tickling sensations every time.

From the welcomed invasion to the lands of my throat
capturing your wholeness with my playful lips and tongue,
much I wide open my lusting entrance and then tightens while I grasp
to be fed by you with each and every thrust, in each and every hole.

You and I will always know each other well.
No matter where or when or who we are with

From the power and surrender of our minds to one another
intertwined as one, being familiar in our intimate belonging
much like a master with desires and his genie in a bottle
to give, take, and be fulfilled.

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