In A Crowd

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photo: SexArt

It’s easy in a crowd.
Bodies are so close together.
So many hands, and hips, and curves touching.
And my hand fits so perfectly to her thigh. Just stroking, caressing, searching.
She knows it’s me, of course.
But that’s not the point.
The point is, she’s mine.
I’m letting her know that.
And enjoying the wonderful blush it brings to her cheeks, and the way she smiles shyly and her eyes drop.
But then.
Then she feels my hand moving to the inside of her thigh.
And rising up.
More importantly, she feels her skirt rising.
Feels herself becoming exposed, if in secret.
The blush runs deeper.
She bites the corner of her lower lip, trying to decide.
It’s a long, delicious moment for me, because I know she really is struggling.
My kitten is so full of WANT it’s amazing she can do anything, sometimes.
Her thighs part, and I watch her lips mouth, ‘oh god’.
My fingertip spends a very long time at the crease where thigh converges with cunt.
That edge of panty.
And she is radiating heat like she’s just been fingering herself in the ladies room.
Which she has.
Because I told her to.
And my kitten loves to be dirty.
With me.
The crowd cheers for something or another.
So does she, momentarily distracted.
She cries out when I bring her back, with a fingertip in the wetness she makes for me.
Now her eyes have glazed over.
She’s not even aware of anyone else.
She wants to move her hips, guide me.
But she knows I’ll stop.
My finger takes its time, tracing the line of wet, back and forth.
Til she’s shaking.
With a kiss to her neck I tell her she can move again.
Her hips gyrate slowly.
She likes touches everywhere.
Soon enough, though, she brings my touch to her clit, and just rests there for a moment.
Then it’s my turn.
Circles, and tiny strokes.
Her hips move to join me, as my thumb slips deep inside her.
She grunts.
She shifts closer
Rests her head on my shoulder
Struggles to breathe
Drips onto my palm
“I’m coming…”

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