My Collared Sub

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photo: The Life Erotic

As I sip on a cup from a strong evening brew, I presume my laptop is lighting up my face, glowing in a pitch-black night sky.

A cool alpine mist with wetness thick in the air, the stars that normally cascade across my new evening skies are somehow missing tonight, which I suppose makes perfect sense given the characteristics of my day. These accents of my evening I shall hold onto, gripping them with a devotion akin to how I hold your neck. These accents now paint a picture in my mind like a snapshot in time, highlighting memories I will recall as the important pages in the book of my life.

Some days. Some days are just bigger than others. When they come, I believe that you should soak everything in that you can, whether you care to remember them or not, all so you may feel them again in your older years, and remember how alive they made you feel.

How alive — you make me feel.

People who are reading left to right, top to bottom are undoubtedly recognizing at this moment that they are inside of a different kind of post. No passionate ramblings of rough sex are realized, making them scratch their heads somewhat, as I craft a landscape with my inner monologue of a monumental moment in the pages of me. A page that nobody else gets to know, other than you and I, so all I really can say that makes any sense to them is…

You see, there is this girl.

A vulnerability was found in you, my love. I wax poetically each night with the glowing face you have become so fond of, each and every word wrought with a passion for the muse behind it all. Descriptions of the life you and I have come to find, fire burning inside us for one another beyond our wildest dreams.

My utopia lies in your body; my heaven, in your mind.

My heart will always lie in the custody of your hands. Soon enough little one, your body will lie in the custody of mine.

When the moment comes again that I smell your perfume as your body glides up against mine, you will feel me in the spiritual sense with the passion these words come nowhere close to describing.

The mouth I sip this coffee with will engulf your most sacred land, bringing you to a boil relentlessly as you see in my eyes that I am making you cum because there is something real behind it. The fingertips that push these buttons, somehow translating directly from my heart, will be used on you with an intention to bring you salvation under my will to own you once again.

And as I feed you the most sacred part of me, you’ll know it is just an instrument to allow me to be one with you. Witnessing you cum that sweetest orgasm in pure rapture, giving you a side of me that nobody else will ever get.

So, keep that collar on, Kitten. Keep it on, always. Look at it every single day and get hungry for me.

You are such a good girl.

You make Daddy proud.

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