Cinnamon Lipstick

swathedin lacecloaked in suedea living pieceof parchment for your written pleasure an illusion of faitha contradictionof darkness and light within nature teases you with the woman...
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When I Was A Flower

I was exquisite petals. Pink, dewy, delicate. Your fingers opened me, coaxed me into full bloom, until I reddened with color, dripped with honeyed nectar, decorous with feminine...
Pua Nani
15 sec read

Why I Changed My Flight At The Last Minute

Words in flow from 10,000 miles high (warning: it’s kind of hott!) Feed my soul… I wake in my Mexican/Texas border town hotel and an immediate...
Fierce Force
2 min read

Kiss me

Kiss meCome give me you. Kiss meLet me taste all that is you. Let me feel youFeel me take those fingersof yoursand take me Touch mehold...
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Molten lava

Pexels Cicadas’ callwhile the crickets chirpthe glow from the firemoltenhotlike the sweet scent and heatfrom the fire’s crackle and you from whomi wish no escape orange...
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Sexus Hexus Vexus

I’ve had good sex and hood sex; Meet sex, greet sex and sweet sex. I’ve had flirty sex and dirty sex, and coming in at 4:30 sex....
J.O. Manning
2 min read


give me You your fireyour tasteyour absoluteunequivocalbest give meYou your staunchly heldirrevocable feelof your bellyto my bellyoryour bellyto my back…my favoritefeel give meminethe way it...
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Black Lace, Red Lace

Black lace bramatching pantieslittle diamond accentsthings that you fancy Red lace camisolematching stockingsa garter, a braceletjust a little thing or twoonce morefor you Black lace pantiesmatching...
11 sec read

The butterfly effect

Source An opportunity knocks for us to close the doorson the rest of the worldcocoon us in a lovethat we birthed long agomelt into...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
21 sec read

Just once, make love to me

I know we cannot be But make love to me Just once. I cannot make love to you. Body language over wordsI’m afraidthe honesty would be...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
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