Vanilla, Lavender, and a Lover

It had been months since I had enjoyed a bath, and the fact that I was now doing so under the watchful eyes of...
Queen Autumn
7 min read

It’s all about… well, you’ll figure it out

She knows how much I love the feel of her long hair, when she slowly sweeps it over my body. She sometimes starts at my...
Randy Cooper
3 min read

Black Lace, Red Lace

Black lace bramatching pantieslittle diamond accentsthings that you fancy Red lace camisolematching stockingsa garter, a braceletjust a little thing or twoonce morefor you Black lace pantiesmatching...
11 sec read

The butterfly effect

Source An opportunity knocks for us to close the doorson the rest of the worldcocoon us in a lovethat we birthed long agomelt into...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
21 sec read

Year End Finale

Before We Packed Up, We Packed In Last night, we had some fucking fantastic last minute sex. It was almost time to go. We knew that...
Fierce Force
4 min read

Just once, make love to me

I know we cannot be But make love to me Just once. I cannot make love to you. Body language over wordsI’m afraidthe honesty would be...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
21 sec read

Naughty and Nice

sugarplums and spankings I will be a gift to you, one of sheer pleasure and delight. I will leave my door open for you like I always do,...
Pua Nani
31 sec read

A Page from the Diary of a Horny Husband

They anoint her with jizz like it’s Holy Water. She takes communion on her knees. She smiles for the camera. I want to fuck my...
Cissy Saint-Denis
3 min read

The Sex Tape

Hanging in our favorite haunt. It’s a grey, gloomy Tuesday and we’re hiding from life. Staring at her phone, she looks up. Looks at me....
3 min read


Source Baby you were minenow you belong to anotheryou may be the perfect loverbut a loyal one nevergo have your funbut at the climax...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
12 sec read