Tasting every nook of my soul his warm tongue traces each crevice bleeding reassuring drops of love that feed my desire TO STAY
Fierce Force
4 sec read


Kneeling beforethe bush a-burning, my soul prostrate and pulsing, I worship divinity —
Tyrone Graham
2 sec read

Torrid Touch

Your tongue swirling on my pearl makes me shiver and shake. Your fingers jack hammering my G-spot deep within make my pussy quiver and quake. You’ve...
Vienna De Vega
21 sec read

Surprise me

Surprise mewith your love…blindfold melet me see youin new lightwithout the shadows that haunt my sighttease off the bad memories with tender ease tie...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
21 sec read

So Naughty

You set me ablaze today. I was stoked by the glint of excitement in your eye when you came into my bedroom and saw me lying supine on...
Pua Nani
22 sec read

My Body Made of Soft Earth

My breasts bud like flowers, my hard pink nipples brilliant stamens, and I am fertile and blooming with the ripeness of being alive, my body made of...
Pua Nani
19 sec read

Counting Coup

You kiss me and our lips melt into each other like smooth wax. Your warm spit enters my mouth like a gift, luscious and wet. You are inside me,...
Pua Nani
55 sec read

The Arc

From ArtDote Amazing, curve of an arm,wave of a hand speed breakingover the stretch marks on lower backfeeling the lines like the habitof taking...
Arihant Verma
25 sec read

Devouring Souls

To be read listing to Mazzy Star -Fade into you. YouTube link below. I make a beeline from the airport to your apartment through evening...
Fierce Force
1 min read

It Was Like A Taste

It was like a taste that appeared on my tongue, the sumptuous taste of sex with you, unforgettable, inimitable. Suddenly that taste filled my thoughts and I...
Pua Nani
32 sec read