Naughty and Nice

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sugarplums and spankings

I will be a gift to you,

one of sheer pleasure

and delight.

I will leave my door open for you

like I always do,

and wait,

hidden away

in my bedroom,

where our holiday revelry

will be held.

Hearing your approaching footsteps

I can’t help but quiver

with excitement,

like a giddy child

waking on Christmas morning,

eager for treats.

My nipples tingle and harden,

my pussy clenches and throbs,

dripping with wetness,

at the sound

of the doorknob turning,

at the sight of you,

slipping stealthily

in the door.

The best things in life are free, you know,

and my love

don’t cost a thing.

I will wrap myself

in pretty lingerie for you,

festively adorn

the curves of my body.

So open me up,

tear at the ribbons and bows,

peel away the coverings,

spank me if you like

for being so naughty.

Now part my thighs,

and give me

MY present.

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