Creator perfected verve past theatre in this curve so finely wrought  — so divinely — I caught my breath, riveted  — and my world since then pivoted ’round...
Tyrone Graham
14 sec read

She Is Like Honey

She is like honey, oozing sweetness. A pulsing star within the vast galaxy of her own body; ready to fall through the sky, to dissolve into everything… Knotted...
Pua Nani
30 sec read

Break Me Open

A Tale of Erotic Massage We had both agreed that we would not do it again. Yet, we both knew that we were lying. After dinner, when...
Pua Nani
4 min read


Image: David Swift: Bouquet | (CC BY 2.0) Who’d moderate my taste visceral, rate and lay waste to figure curves so divine it deserves to...
Tyrone Graham
19 sec read


Source: She was…UnveiledUncoveredUndressedA pink blush, the love rush. She came…UnadulteratedUninhibitedUndoneIn a gush, the head rush. Love thus born…UnspeakableUndeniableUnforgettableEtched with a red paintbrush, that first crush. For...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
10 sec read

Tell me that you love me…

Source: public image We’ll let our eyes do all the talkingwe’ll let our tongues say it without wordsI will spell gasps with my breathingyou...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
16 sec read