It’s all about… well, you’ll figure it out

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She knows how much I love the feel of her long hair, when she slowly sweeps it over my body.

She sometimes starts at my neck, and ever so slowly will drag one long luxurious lock of hair down my chest, over my stomach and right to my cock. Stopping just in time to tease me.

Oh and she knows how the touch of her soft golden hair excites every single nerve in my body. The sensation of that luxurious mane, when she lets it glide gently over my cock and balls, is so much better when one is shaved smooth, as I am.

She knows she is taking me right to the edge. She will torment me to the point of just waiting for that first drop of precum to form. After all these years she knows. Now she can have anything she asks for. And she does ask.

“So my darling what about me, what about my pleasure?” she says as she walks away, leaving me a quivering mess.

So now, with my limbs shaking and weak, our dance continues. She casually strolls over to the overstuffed, butter-soft leather chair that sits in front of her dressing table and mirror. She sits down, takes the fine imported paddle brush from her dresser, holds it out and in that sexy voice, almost a whisper, says, “Pamper me, my darling.”

Her wish, my command. So I start. Long slow strokes through the beautiful blonde hair that reaches to the middle of her back. I start at her forehead and go all the way back, from root to tip. Carefully and slowly with each stroke. Keeping her hair this beautiful does not come easily. With each stroke she drifts further and further into a relaxed trance. After a few minutes her hands have slipped down inside her robe to begin rubbing her moist pussy. She starts to moan with pleasure.

I put down the brush and with the tips of my fingers begin to message her temples gently, and slowly work my fingers back over her scalp and through her long, soft, beautiful hair. As she becomes more involved and relaxed I reach inside her robe to take her hardening nipples between my fingers. Her skin is so soft. Between the moans of pleasure she asks for, “More.” So I will do what I can to please her.

While she is lost in the moment, I run my fingers through her golden hair. While I do this she has started stroking her fingers between her pussy lips. I come around, kneel down in front of her and take advantage of her widely spread legs. I begin to kiss her moist pussy lips and slowly go further in with my tongue. I bury my face in her wet, smooth pussy as she gradually and completely loses control. In a few minutes she arches her back and shouts in the sheer orgasmic pleasure that I have come to know.

I lick up her oh so sweet juices and suck gently on her swollen clit until she begins to return and relax. So now that the moment has passed I really should return to the original objective. I move behind her chair to brush out her beautiful hair once again and before I realize it, I am being pushed backwards onto our bed. And she is climbing on top of me. I’m not sure where we are going but I am not about to stop her from doing anything.

As I lie on our bed she bends forward, allowing her magnificent golden mane to flow down over me. She wraps my swollen cock in a huge handful of her long thick glory, slowly stroking me and leaving only the tip exposed. She teases me with her tongue until she takes the end of my hard cock into her mouth. Gradually she begins to take me entirely into her mouth.

She lifts her glorious hair off my cock and lets it fall on my smooth surrounding skin and again takes me in completely. Now with each hand I grab as much of the soft, beautiful hair as I can while I push all the way back into her throat.

“Oh God, please don’t stop now,” I beg as she sucks like a woman on a mission. “I’m going to cum,” I warn her, as she takes me in, entirely into her mouth again. I pull on her unbelievable golden mane. I explode in her mouth and she swallows every hot drop. We collapse in a heap on the bed, my hands helplessly tangled in what was once a perfectly brushed, flowing mane.

“You’re a mess,” I tell her.

“Well then, you’re going to have to do something about that now, aren’t you,” she says. She sits up on the edge of the bed, tosses that fabulous head of hair backwards, hands me the brush and says, “Maybe this time we won’t have any interruptions.”

And the dance begins again, with long deliberately slow strokes. You see it’s all about control, and she has it; I am completely and helplessly under her control whenever we are together…

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