Vanilla, Lavender, and a Lover

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It had been months since I had enjoyed a bath, and the fact that I was now doing so under the watchful eyes of my lover, Matthew— who was perched attentively, shirtless, on the toilet seat — made it all the more exquisite. I lowered myself into the tub of hot, steaming water, maintaining eye contact with him and smiling, enjoying seeing him take in the sight of my naked form. When I hit the water, each muscle in my tired body relaxed — each muscle hummed with languid excitement. The sense of relief intoxicated me.

I lay back and began to rub my belly, closing my eyes and enjoying the softness of my own skin, the sloshing sounds swirling in my ears. Matthew leaned over and dropped my bath bomb from his hand into the tub with a plunk. Immediately, it started to fizz and tickle where he dropped it — right between my legs. I let the sensations overtake me as I inhaled the sweet scent of vanilla and lavender, eyes still closed. Matthew began removing his belt and jeans — the sound of it brought my heartbeat to a gallop. I felt his eyes on me, felt them drinking in the shape of my body beneath the surface of the bathwater, and I sensed him hardening. The steam of the bath filled my nose once more as I slid my hands between my legs — wet on wet — touching myself and rubbing gently in anticipation, running my fingers over the smooth, bare flesh of my lips as I envisioned spreading them wide for him.

Gingerly, he placed one foot in the tub and then the other, standing and straddling me with a foot on either side of my waist. I opened my eyes and looked straight up at his beautiful silhouette — his erection hovered above me, straight as an arrow, perky and all but waving good evening. He was the pinnacle of what a man should be: lean, muscular, naked… erect. I smiled up at him, basking in his masculine perfection and thinking about all the places I’d like him to ram himself into.

“May I?” I inquired suggestively, pointing a finger toward his cock.

“Please,” he replied — with a gruffness that pleasantly surprised me. He was ready.

Pulling myself up to sit, I grabbed him behind his thighs and guided his cock into my mouth, already feeling totally intoxicated by him.

The bath bomb fizzed audibly and released more of its sweet scent as I sucked and slurped, slowly at first and then a bit faster. Matthew placed his hands behind my head and directed me gently, his hips moving sensually in time with my own movements. I kneaded his ass cheeks and breathed in his scent; his moans sent waves of pleasure through the pit of my stomach and brought my nipples to attention. I dipped my hands into the water and poured the contents over his thighs as he stroked my cheeks, his cock still swimming and diving into my mouth, warm and wet. The slow beauty of it all moved me; I looked up at him lovingly and held the eye contact as I maneuvered around him, adding a hand and stroking with just the right amount of firmness. He moaned again and threw his head back, eyes closed.

“You’re an angel,” he whispered. Those words, the steamy bathwater, and the warmth of his hands made my whole body tingle with delight. I knew I couldn’t wait much longer. I pulled my head back and continued to slowly stroke him.

“Would you fuck me?” I asked, putting on my best doe eyes. He grinned and caressed my cheek. As he looked down at me, I leaned back and stuck my chest forward.

He dipped down to a squat — the tip of his cock submerged itself into the frothy water, white and creamy from the bath bomb — and began to fondle my sizeable breasts, taking them one at a time into his mouth with great tenderness and sucking them gently, emitting the sweetest of sounds and happy little moans. He lifted his head and looked at me once more before kissing me on the neck and collarbone, nibbling and tickling my skin with his tongue. I was putty in his hands; he placed his hands on my waist and guided me to my knees with ease. The water sloshed as the lower portion of my body lifted out of the water, and I reveled in the soft sensation as warm droplets cascaded down my skin. Curving my spine, I presented myself to him, eager to be filled — already eager to come, to be wrapped tightly around him, enjoying his firmness.

Matthew put one knee down and began to tickle and tease my ass with the head of his cock, moaning and running his free hand down my wet back, the side of my waist, the crease of my hip. I moaned and wiggled myself backwards, displaying my desire and hoping to entice him to give himself over to me. His hands slipped over my body easily, hungrily, and my pussy — already throbbing — flushed with heat as he rubbed his cock along its length on the outside of me, slathering himself in my juices. He pressed his hips into the flesh of my ass. In a fluid motion, he wrapped his free hand around my hair and pulled it into a makeshift ponytail. He yanked my head back — and in the next second, he buried himself deep within me. I yelled out in pleasure at the pain of the yank to my hair coupled with his first deep thrust. As he fucked me, hard and steady, my breasts swung in rhythm with his body, the water in the tub dancing around me in waves. I released the muscles in my neck and tilted my head back, jaw dropped, ecstatic at the sensations coursing through my body.

“I’ll clean you out,” Matthew said, pressing himself in as far as he could.

The muscles within me clenched around him, and I groaned in reply, unable to form words and not even caring. He thrust again, releasing my hair and spreading my ass wide with both of his hands, pressing his two thumbs against the small opening he found there. He pulled my cheeks up and managed to go even deeper, and I let my head hang low as I continued to moan. My awareness turned again to the delicious scent emanating from the bath bombed water, and I drank the fragrant air greedily into my lungs, relaxing the muscles in my pussy and clenching them around Matthew’s cock. One of his thumbs slipped into my asshole, and I cried out in delight — when I clenched again, Matthew responded with a moan of his own, reaching his free hand around to stimulate my clit as he continued to ride me, filling me up completely.

“Janie,” he said suddenly, “I want to switch.”

“Mhm,” I consented, eager to feel his size in my ass. I glanced over my shoulder at him, making eye contact once more and taking in the delightful sight of his half-open mouth — pleasure danced and shined across his face — and the shape of his perfectly proportioned upper body. Lines of sweat ran down his collarbones and onto his chest, making him glisten.

After re-positioning himself, he entered my ass, slowly — inch by inch —with his eyes lowered and his bottom lip bit; if I weren’t getting fucked already, I would have fucked myself to this image of him. I closed my eyes and relaxed my muscles, taking him inside me while willing my walls to expand to hold him.

When he reached the hilt, he pressed against me, filling me and smashing himself into me with a delicate yet firm force and eagerness. I screamed in delight at the rush of heat and juices that flowed through me. Quickly, fervently, he began to pump — he then reached around to touch my clit, pressing his fingers flat against me and moving them in rapid circles, just the way I like. My legs spread wider of their own volition — I could barely hold myself up anymore as the excitement raced through me — thankfully, the walls of the tub proved a useful brace. I put my hands on the back edge of the tub and let my breasts dance freely in front of me, my hair falling in waves against my shoulders and bouncing with each firm thrust into my ass.

Before I knew what was happening, I was coming — the orgasm started at my clit and reverberated through the nerves in my pussy, which gushed freely — a stream of hot liquid trickled quickly down my leg. The thrusting in my ass made my orgasm all the more powerful — my body quaked against Matthew’s, and as I clenched my ass around his cock, I felt him thrust into me more forcefully. He came suddenly with his cock deep within me, each deep spasm stretching me a hair wider, bringing me ever closer to the edge of oblivion. And just as suddenly, the tension in my body subsided.

Matthew’s breathing slowed; he pulled himself out of me.

I turned to look over my shoulder. To my delight and surprise, he was splashing his cock with water — cleaning himself off — as he pulled and jerked his erection back into full force. He looked at me and smiled his devilish smile once more, moving a free hand to caress my drenched and swollen pussy from below, stroking my clit with his middle finger and savoring the hot wetness he found between my lips.

“Ready for more?” he asked.

“Always,” I replied.

He guided me up to a standing position and placed one foot on the edge of the tub, angling himself for better force. I pressed the front of my body against the cool tiles of the wall and arched my back once more. He entered me slowly from behind, to a whole new sensation this time: the firmness of him pressed against my G-spot, already throbbing and tender, thrilling at the stimulation and delectable pressure. This time, it only took him a few quick thrusts to send me shivering and quaking into orgasm; as my muscles quivered and clenched uncontrollably, he braced me up against the wall by pressing his thigh against my ass cheek, digging deeper and pausing to fully experience the orgasm as it exploded around his cock. He bit down hard on the tender bit of flesh at the top of my collarbone, pushing in little pulses into me.

I melted like butter around him.

“Suck me again,” he said gruffly, biting down hard. I nodded. He pulled his cock out of me slowly and guided me easily to my knees, facing him. The water warmed my skin. My knees, which had begun to quiver and shake, thanked me.

I took Matthew into my mouth with a smile as he braced his hands on the wall behind me, staring down to enjoy the pretty show of my lips moving up and down his cock. I added a hand and opened my throat to take him in as far as I could, sucking and pulling him deeper; with a groan, he began to come once again, and I pulled him out to stroke him, my mouth open and ready to receive his come. With our eyes locked, he came on my lips and tongue — hot liquid that landed on my mouth in delicious, creamy spurts. I spat into the bathwater and swallowed the remainder — which I licked off my lips — while I rubbed his cock gently as it tremored a few final times.

Matthew let out a sigh of pleasure. He reached down to touch my cheek before kneeling and kissing me tenderly on the lips, taking my face between his hands and flitting his tongue against mine. “That was…” He was speechless.

“I agree,” I replied. I laughed as he beamed me a grateful smile; I stretched forward to kiss him on the nose. “Let’s sit down,” I said.

He stepped behind me and led me to rest between his legs. My own legs felt jelly-like as I relaxed back against him, enjoying the gentle motion of his breath in his chest moving me up and down. He splashed water over my belly, caressing my breasts and dripping water along my collarbone.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you, too,” I replied, resting my head on his shoulder. The sweet silence surrounding us was broken only by the softly fizzing bath bomb, still slowly disintegrating in the water, emitting its delicious vanilla lavender scent.

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