The Sex Tape

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Hanging in our favorite haunt. It’s a grey, gloomy Tuesday and we’re hiding from life. Staring at her phone, she looks up. Looks at me.

Out of nowhere, she says:

“I want to make a sex tape.”

And then pauses.

“With you.”

Divine does this. Random thoughts just spew from her head.

I say, “Ok.”

But the with you part doesn’t go unnoticed…

We go to our favorite haunt in the Catskills; mountains, trees, fresh air and a bed as big as your house. We love this place. She found it while on a bachelorette weekend. Came home and said, “Baby, we’re going there.”

I say, “Ok.”

Because she wants to sit naked together in a huge tub, drink champagne, close our eyes and be one. Be us. So we go there a lot.

The big bed calls us.

We lie together in it as I slowly take off her clothes. Inch by inch. I kiss everywhere as I go.

I fumble with the bra, because I always fumble with the bra, and because even after all this time I’m still a teenager on a first date with her.

The effort is always worth it. Her breasts spill forth into my eager mouth.

I kiss her stomach. Hell, I kiss anything I can find.

I go lower. The jeans… I got those. They snap open as smoothly as James Bond orders a martini.

I pull her out of them, spread her legs and keep kissing.

She starts to moan and writhe as my tongue spreads her legs further.

I begin to probe deeply inside her with my tongue. And I’m lost, because I love this girl so much.

Divine begins to pant, short, shallow breathing. I decide that I’m going to move here, right between her legs. I’m good at this.

With you, I think.

She pants louder, urgent pleas with herself. I need some air, so I look up, expecting to see her head arched back, her eyes clouded over and her beautiful breasts waiting for me.

Instead I see her phone.

She’s filming this, I realize.

She sees me look up through the screen, peers over it and gives me a look that defies me to say this isn’t fucking hot, her watching me through the screen.

And she’s right. It is.

I pull her down toward me, so that half of her is on the bed and half off, supported by my arms. The phone comes with her. She sets it up next to her on the bed as I enter her.

“Ohhhh baby,” she purrs as I thrust slowly, teasing her. Her hand moves down and finds my shaft and she strokes and touches herself at the same time.

And I’m watching all of this through the phone, I realize. I watch my technique, if you can call it that. I watch as I alternate thrust speed and force. I look away and look at her. She’s looking directly at me, staring into my eyes.

“God, lovey!” she moans.

The room has a fireplace and plush couch. We move to that. Set up the phone on the coffee table and I turn Divine around and gently push her to her knees on the couch.

As I kiss her ass, I reach under her and grab her breasts, playing with the nipples until she starts to pant again. I’m hard as a rock. Literally, my cock could drive nails right now.

God, you make me so hard,” I gasp in amazement at her ability to do just that.

“I love making you hard,” she says.

I enter her from behind, her favorite position. Mine too.

We’re both staring at the screen. But it’s not centered correctly, so I reach out to move it.

And fall right off the couch and out of her.

Stunned, I’m not sure what to say or do. Her laugh saves me. It’s the laugh I want to hear every day for the rest of my life. The one that says: “I love you, you big dork.”

We start again — with the right angle for the phone. And I watch myself rocket into her over and over and over. Beautiful slapping sounds of flesh meeting flesh. I watch her turn away from the screen so she can concentrate on her building orgasm. She shakes when she cums. Literally, like she’s having a seizure, so violent is her pleasure with me.

With you.

She grabs a small pillow and grips it hard. My hands traverse all over her body as I continue to thrust, harder and faster now. I want her to cum, and I want to see it on screen.

Her back is coated with sheen of slick sweat. Her groans become more rapid. She’s panting for air.

God, yes, yes, yes, baby!” she screams into the air as she cums; once, then immediately again, her body twitching with pleasure and joy and naked, raw sex.

Exhausted, we move to the bed. She puts me on my back and takes my cock in one hand and gives me her phone. With a devilish gleam in her eye she watches as I film her. She kisses my neck, my arms, my stomach, my thighs. Finally she takes my cock and licks it like a lollipop.

The pleasure, expectation, sensation inside of me is unreal. She takes me fully into her mouth and begins to suck. My brain explodes in pure pleasure and anticipation as I stare at the images on the phone. And I can’t tell which is hotter, watching this beautiful woman suck my cock on the small screen or live.

I zoom in. Her face, hair and my quivering cock fill the screen.

Jesus, this is fucking hot, I think.

My breathing becomes shallow now. My vision is blurry. All I can do is feel. Feel her mouth. Feel her bringing me to a place I’ve never been.

“I’m going to cum, baby.” I say.

“Uh-huh,” she mumbles as this news spurs her to suck harder and faster.

I explode inside her as I watch the screen. I see myself shake; see my toes curl inward, see her smile at the ecstasy she has brought me. Such is the power of Divine.

She looks up.

Says, “I always wanted to do that, baby…

…With you.”

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