Agnes turned up outside the Ethiopian restaurant in Brixton Market Village, wearing one of the shortest and skimpiest summer dresses I’d ever...
London Eyes
4 min read

Hotwife Talking Here

A slutwife’s midnight confession This is me talking here. Once I get done typing out these words, everything is going straight to the internet....
Damien Dsoul
3 min read

Larger Than Life

Larger than Life It was incredible. It was unbelievable. It was the hugest cock she’d ever seen — and not to brag or anything, but...
Sonoma Denver
9 min read

The Couple’s Plaything

Rachel kissed me deeply and a soft sigh escaped my lips. I had been so worried about meeting her and her husband...
Isabelle Lauren
6 min read


Part thirty: Sealing the deal ‘The maddeningly frustrating thing about sex from my point of view is the conflict between what my head...
Tabitha Lowndes
8 min read

Unreal Night

There is a certain feel to a night when it is about to be memorable. The air felt light, by which I...
Furious Skuggs
5 min read

The Snake Pit

Southern Hospitality The time was mid-80s in the rural south. Jim was a corporate controller for a New York company visiting a...
JJ Loverling
5 min read


She knew he’d landed as soon as she heard the ping. She was on her toes throughout the entire class. The teacher...
21st Century Loving
3 min read

The Promise of Things to Cum

photo: Andreas Fidler on Unsplash A Trans Romance I just had to have her, my mouth drooled like a hungry animal in my mind’s eye wanting...
Xavier Erotica
7 min read

Come Fuck Me Heels

I was wearing my come fuck me heels. Every girl owns at least one pair. Those heels that make her legs look...
Kim Taylor
5 min read