Isabelle Lauren



6 Stories by Isabelle Lauren

The Gangbang

As I looked around at the excited faces of the men who had come to fuck Rachel and me, I felt a...
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The Slave

“Babe, we have a proposal for you,” Rachel said. We were lying in bed together. I had arrived the night before, but...
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The Punishment

 “Stand still.” Mistress’s voice was gentle, but firm. I fidgeted. Mistress was helping me with my outfit, but I couldn’t be calm....
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The Orgy

Laura was applying a fresh layer of lipstick in the bathroom mirror when Rachel entered. “Are you ready, babe? The others will...
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The Reunion

I spot her before she sees me and the years seem to fall away. What has it been? Ten, fifteen years? She...
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The Couple’s Plaything

Rachel kissed me deeply and a soft sigh escaped my lips. I had been so worried about meeting her and her husband...
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