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She knew he’d landed as soon as she heard the ping. She was on her toes throughout the entire class. The teacher probably noticed she wasn’t paying attention. Instead, she was busy reading naughty texts from her boyfriend describing what they would be doing together in a few hours.

As the class finished she jumped out of her seat like a little bunny and ran to the tube station. She was planning to reach the airport before he passed through customs. She was carrying the two dresses that she wanted to show him in her backpack, to be worn with the high heels that he was bringing for her.

She was wearing her new leather skirt. It was something she had been wanting to buy for a long time. She finally pulled the trigger on it one night after consulting with him over the phone. The look in his eyes the first time he saw her wearing it with her black stockings was a confirmation that she’d made the right purchase.

She walked out of the DLR at London City Airport and headed straight to international arrivals. She knew he was fast, and she also knew why. She wanted to be in his arms as soon as possible. She felt safe in his embrace. Protected, at home.

She saw him first. She sneaked up on him and embraced him from behind. She felt the need to devour him on the spot. She wanted to show the world that this guy was hers and only hers. He turned his head, looking for her lips.

As their mouths got together, time stopped. All the busy noises of the airport were muffled. Her senses were taking in all of his embrace. She had never kissed anyone as passionately as she did her Teddy.

Teddy, welcome to London.

He grabbed her hand with that paw of his. She felt like she was walking on clouds next to him. She saw some ladies look at them with a gaze of envy. It was as if they were an advertisement for Venus, Cupid and Eros together. Her hair was floating as they walked to the station and created an aura of desire around them.

They sat all the way in the front of the driverless DLR train, that place where you get the best views. She placed her legs on his lap, as he made space for her head on his shoulder. She was in her chatty mode, telling him all about her day and about how he had gotten her in trouble as he was flirting with her during the class.

She sneakily reached out with her hand to touch the bulge in his jeans. The size of what she found surprised her. “Someone is happy to see me!” He just smiled at her and caressed her hair. As they got off the train she felt his hand first on her waist and then on her butt. She felt a little squeeze as they were walking to the escalator. She stood on the step in front of him, and turning around, she hugged his head as their lips found their way to each other again.

They sprinted rather than walked through the bridges of Canary Wharf. She wanted to be alone with him as fast as possible. She wanted to feel his skin on hers, to experience the urge of his desire as he was undressing her. As they got in the room, coats were hung, but the rest of their clothes ended up spread on the way to bed.

He had taken everything off except for that leather skirt. As she was standing next to the bed he took two steps back to admire her beautiful figure. The fierce look in his eyes gave her goosebumps. He then finally helped her out of her skirt and said:

“Thank you for wearing this for me. You are the sexiest thing alive…”

It was raw desire. Unhinged, in its pure form. She pushed him to the bed and pulled his boxers down. She wanted to taste his manhood so badly. As she was examining its tip, she could see the shiny droplets of precum glistening on it. She licked her lips and went on to kiss his rod. Soon she felt his arms asking her to sit on top of him in a 69 embrace.

She was already extremely wet for him. The teasing during the class and the caressing on the train had loosened her self-control. She felt like a hungry wolf who has cornered a lamb. She wanted to take little bites of him and enjoy every piece thoroughly.

The first lick on the tip of her clit startled her. She was already so sensitive. Reacting to the lightest of his touches. She loved when he started slowly and softly, building up the energy. He knew many of her buttons and levers, and she could feel how he was working extra time to activate them.

Usually she would take her time building momentum for her orgasm. But the intoxicating mix of the feeling of his manhood in her mouth, together with his caresses and the expert moves of his tongue, was driving her wild fast. She was moving her hips up and down on him, and rubbing herself hard in his mouth.

He placed his hands on her nipples and that threw her off the cliff. The supernova arrived with a vengeance. She started to pant, trying to grab air to save her life. Her moaning was primal and loud. She could feel her legs shaking uncontrollably. She has already arrived in seventh heaven and it was just the beginning of a magical night.

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