Come Fuck Me Heels

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photo: MetArt

I was wearing my come fuck me heels. Every girl owns at least one pair. Those heels that make her legs look delicious and her pussy feel powerful. Each time I slipped into those shiny heels, I knew I was in for trouble. Or at least the target of my desire was.

His name was Josh. He ran the local hardware store, which I frequented as often as possible. Living as a single female, I capitalized on the damsel in distress role. I took pleasure in acting completely clueless and pouting my full lips as Josh explained how to screw a picture hook into the wall. As he spoke, using his strong hands to demonstrate, I thought of him screwing me and nothing else.

It’d been three days since I ordered paint for my bathroom. Periwinkle. He had to special order it, and called to let me know it was ready. I made up an excuse for why I couldn’t pick it up until after hours, and Josh agreed to wait for me that night. He had to know how badly I wanted him. I mean, why else would I patronize the store in bathing suit tops without a cover up, and braless tanks? We flirted on occasion and got in the habit of hugging one another goodbye each time he offered a handyman lesson. He smelt of freshly sawed wood and musk. I’d masturbated to thoughts of him fucking me on his workbench on more than one occasion. I even flirted with the idea of telling him about it. Maybe tonight.

I pulled into the hardware store lot. It was empty except for Josh’s jacked-up pickup. There’s something sexy about a man who drives a powerful truck. I was wearing a loose fitting black romper with no bra or panties. My come fuck me heels made my calf muscles pop. Those were thanks to years of running and kickboxing. My hair was down and my lips were covered in a fresh coat of gloss.

It was dark inside the store, except for a single light in the back room where Josh’s office was. I tapped on the glass with my keys but got no response. I tried the handle and discovered it was unlocked.

The smell of the wood and grease perked up my nipples instantly. My heels clicked on the hard tile floor.


“I’m back here.”

I followed Josh’s voice to the back room where he sat at his desk, hunched over paperwork, his forehead in his hands. He looked up as I entered the doorway, and his mouth fell open slightly.

“Wow. Where are you going all dressed up?”

I straightened my back slightly, thrusting my breasts forward.

“Nowhere,” I said with a smile. “Here.”

Josh looked confused but intrigued. He stood up. He wore khaki shorts and a blue t-shirt, which exposed his toned, tattooed forearms. He wore glasses and had a shaved head. There was a certain kindness in his eyes but I wasn’t fooled. I bet he fucked like a beast.

“Your paint is up front.”

He brushed past me, his chest sliding across mine, tickling my nipples. My pussy was wet and part of me wished I’d worn panties to collect the juices.

I followed him toward the front of the store. He bent down to retrieve the paint from behind the counter and when he stood, I was dangerously close to him. So close, he could barely lift the can.

He seemed surprised, but eager.

“You smell fucking great,” he said. I smiled, pleased that he’d noticed.

I took the paint can and placed it on the shelf beside us. And without another word, Josh grabbed me by the face and plunged his tongue into my mouth. I grabbed his waist and pulled him near, pressing his crotch against my own. His penis was half-erect, I could feel it protruding from beneath his thin khaki shorts. I was already wet and ready for him. I pulled him closer, backing up so he could press me hard against the wall. He grabbed my leg, wrapping it around his waist. My pussy was electrified as it rubbed against his swollen bulge. He tasted of vodka and spices. His fingers were wrapped in my hair, as he tongued my mouth deeply, yanking my head back. We dry humped against the wall as our mouths ravished one another’s.

I slipped the shoulders of my romper down, easily exposing my full breasts and erect nipples. Without disconnecting his mouth from mine, his hands found my tits. He ran his palms over my nipples, squeezing the flesh, sending a rush of blood to my crotch. I pulled him closer by his ass, lifting my second leg up, wrapping my entire body around him. He grabbed my hips, placing me higher up on his now fully erect cock. We continued to rub and grind our pleasure spots through our clothes. He leaned down, sucking on each nipple as I threw my head back in pleasure.

“I need you to fuck me.”

Without hesitation, Josh carried me to the back room. His strong arms easily plucked me from the wall. He held me by my ass and continued to tongue my mouth and breasts as he laid me down on his desk. The crotch of my romper was loose enough for me to simply move it aside. The fabric was soaked now. My pussy lips were slippery beneath my touch.

Josh watched as I revealed my perfectly waxed cunt. He removed his shorts and shirt. His cock was beautifully long and curved to the right beneath his boxer briefs, which were wet with precum. I slipped the head of his dick out the hole of his underwear. The tip was large and round. It would be a perfect fit.

He moved closer and inserted his tool into my waiting vagina. I arched my back and spread my legs, accepting his member. He grabbed my hips and thrust deeper, his boxers sliding back to expose every inch of his thick shaft. I grabbed the desk tightly and welcomed every stroke.

With my heels still on, I placed my legs on his shoulders. He grabbed my legs, ramming his cock in and out of my pussy. He watched as his dick disappeared inside me and slid back out, covered in my glistening cream. He quickly pulled out and lowered his mouth to my lips. He held my legs together tightly, running his tongue from my throbbing clit down to my tight asshole, before returning to my nub. He worked the tip of his strong tongue around in circles, sending floods of pleasure to my crotch and nipples.

I pinched my tits hard and let my body go limp as he lifted and lowered my legs, rubbing my cunt all over his face and chin. The sounds of him feasting on my juices only made me wetter. He moaned in pleasure as my thick nectar filled his mouth and throat. He slid two fingers inside my soft pussy. The swollen walls of my cunt pulled his fingers in deep. As he finger fucked me, he continued to work my clit. His tongue was like a tiny jackhammer, stroking my pleasure button at a rapid speed.

He clearly enjoyed eating pussy and was damn good at it. I wanted to reward him for all his hard work. I let my body relax and give into the sensation of my orgasm. My legs tightened around his head and my pussy clamped down on his fingers as a rush of hot, thick cum flooded from my hole. His moans grew louder as he slurped and drank every drop I delivered into his waiting mouth.

He pulled his mouth away and lowered my legs, leaning in to let me lick my own wetness from his face. I could see my juices on his chin and lips and happily sucked and licked them from his stubble. He stroked his cock and I leaned back so he could reenter me. He didn’t ease into anything this time, ramming his dick deep into my sensitive pussy. I bent my knees, holding them up so he could fuck me hard and fast. My head banged against the wall as he drove his cock home. He pulled out, jerking himself off all over my tits. His hot load landed on my nipples and the power behind his orgasm sent some of his cum up my neck and onto my chin. I lay back and smiled in pleasure as he sprayed it all over me.

When he’d finished, he crawled up my body and to my surprise and delight, licked his own cum from my chin before inserting his tongue into my mouth for one more deep kiss. He then grabbed my legs and softly kissed both my ankles before saying, “I love fucking a girl with heels on.”

I grinned. Works every time.

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