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5 Stories by Sonoma Denver

My Lover Snuck in While my Husband was Asleep

A cuckold story My husband is asleep in the bedroom but he hasn’t fucked me, yet again. He’s “stressed”, “busy with work”, “burnt...
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After School Punishment

Part 3. He hadn’t had a wet dream in years, but images of Ms. Anita with her legs spread for him and...
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Through The Classroom Window

Through the Classroom Window Part 2 of “What Happens in the Classroom,” an erotic D/s Teacher-Student story If you haven’t read Part...
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First Day of School

Seducing her hot Spanish ESL student hadn’t been in Ms. Anita’s lesson plan… Paulo was a shy student — but Ms. Anita didn’t pick up...
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Larger Than Life

Larger than Life It was incredible. It was unbelievable. It was the hugest cock she’d ever seen — and not to brag or anything, but...
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