The Promise of Things to Cum

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photo: Andreas Fidler on Unsplash

A Trans Romance

I just had to have her, my mouth drooled like a hungry animal in my mind’s eye wanting to eat her alive, to devour her flesh and have her in all ways possible. On the exterior I was cool, playing the part of a man intrigued. You know that kind of desire that makes you mad with lust but you must be calm in the face of the storm of her on your shores. All rules wanna go out the door and it feels as if all niceties and social graces can fuck off too.

Of course, I am, have been and always will be a gentleman, OK, most times wink, wink. You all know me, I am not some rude kinda guy who thinks women are playthings for my gratification. That comes later if she’s into it, as I am for gratifying her. It’s a two way street baby, and I own that and am totally good with it. Rules must be obeyed, or we do not feel safe. Simple as that. And besides, when they are obeyed and the chemistry is off the chain like it was with her, BADA-BOOM.

Seriously though, she had me on my knees in my mind’s eye and all I could do was surrender. Was it her going to take me or was it me going take her, fuck only knows? It was happening and finally, not a minute too soon, as she put her lips to mine. The long, almost painful wait, OK yes, my balls ached, FUCK! Damn, she was just so hot. I was going to fuck and suck her every which way I had long fantasized about. I had always dreamed of having a woman like this one before my very eyes. She was a most luscious creature. Curved just right, angled to perfection, standing proud and with eyes burning for me as I was burning deep within for her. That is the only way I play… PERIOD.

We’d been dancing at the club all night. Bouncing like wild, passionate free things to the sounds of old and new progressive house bumping through every breath and exhalation. The bass reverberated through every cell in our bodies and molded us to its heat. Passion built within all of us dancing freely there. Some pounding fists into the air with the ‘I don’t care’ vibe. Some with hips flailing freely. Some with chests saying, ‘Please cum fuck me senseless.’ Some with, ‘Don’t you wish you could have this.’ And even still others with, ‘You gotta work it bitch and earn your keep if you want into this.’ You know, the dance scene. You know those wordless communiques and in some cases the games between lovers and dreamers there on the dance floor.

But I was with her, and the rest of them all about us were moving and grooving, while really all that mattered was her. They weren’t really there, but they were. You know how that is when the world you are in revolves around one. Enthralled, lost in the most sweet way. Bodies moved and bodies swayed and heat built, ebbing and flowing each into all and all into each. Lights bumping out flashing syncopation with the bass and treble. Sound and light working in harmony as those artists behind the scenes built us up ever so sweetly and occasionally brought us down so we could breathe again, then get back to bumping again. It was all such a scene and those of you who know feel me perfectly. And for those of you who do not, check out Sense 8 on Netflix. There are a couple of dance scenes in that series that capture the vibe, the feeling, the breathless almost timeless bump and grind of it all. The sounds of sensuality, the sounds of raw sexuality, the sounds of people being in Love and others still wanting to be.

There was no denying it, the chemistry between lovers was there between us, between so many all around us really. She ignited me and I her, and we were on slow burn of a most elevating kind. With each thrust of our hips, with each smile and connection of our eyes. Each tracing of light and shadow falling across our bodies. Each deeply inhaled breath and slow, measured, thoughtful exhale. We swam in the sound around us, liquid and sublime in its context, as only those DJ’s of the best quality have within them to share with us. They take us on a journey. And we go willingly with them and they go with us. If ever you have been fortunate to just hang with one working the decks, you totally know what I am getting at.

I love to dance, dancing is life. Dancing is Love. Dancing is expression. Dancing is Soul. Dancing is who I am and dancing is who she is too. We have that, like so many on the floor. It is a way of life, of being, it is what we are all about. It is the ultimate celebration of breathing and living IMHO. Some do it well, some are just there for the cock and pussy and some, like her and I, are there to just be there in Love. We get to express that Love in how we move. You know how a lover will be by how they move on the floor. That delicate, wordless, incommunicado of tingling vibration matched between music and soul and bodies connecting. The hope, the pleasure of flirtation, the looking into one another to see if it’s there. You know… that. That thang that makes our core sing with BLING, that one fosho. It is or it is not, there is no explaining. When you know, you really know. And we both knew absolutely, wholeheartedly, without a pinch of doubt. We both knew we were there for the soul sex connection. A truly into-me-you-see kind of thing. An into me you can have it all thing.

How long we had been dancing together before we got there, you know… THERE… I do not know. But the vibe stayed strong in our connection, even with the change in scenery from the floor all the way journeying to her lair.

She had whispered something in my ear on the way here in an Uber: “Boy, I have a cock between my legs, you OK with that? Otherwise let’s part now.”

Her strong voice projected her self-confidence into me, and I wanted her more.

“Damn, really?” I whispered back, sultry and wanting.

She looked at me very fragile like, as if expecting something else besides my reaction. I can’t imagine what her life has been like. The mind wanders to so many places in such a short time, you know.

She nodded her head in the affirmative and we resumed our kissing and groping. I’m sure the cabbie was checking out her cleavage in the rear view, little did he know. And my soul giggled in delight as my heart raced faster than it already had been. Her tongue explored my soul while penetrating my mouth and I let go and fell into her and she caught me. I could feel it moving her, my surrender; she took it, and her approval and satisfaction was apparent in the way she kissed me. How the hell do I describe that to you? FUCK, yummmm! I was dying and being reborn with each breath. With her there in my arms and the promise of things to cum very very soon.

We collected and behaved ourselves just long enough to get in the door of her condominium. Past the eyes of a few scanning nosy neighbors sitting in lounge chairs having a nightcap. Then off came everything as she led me into her lair, closing the door to the world and introducing me to hers. I was even more enthralled. Purple, blue, scarlet, burgundy, grey, all matching absolutely divine, like in a den of sensuality and flowing passion. It was her, it was magical, very obvious that every little trinket, every plant and thing was all destined and aligned to achieve this effect now on me in this moment. It was all so dreamlike, and very real at the same time.

Before I could collect myself, she was on her knees with a condom in hand and a flash of that ‘take me’ look in her beautiful, sexy, demure eyes. She looked so vulnerable and so very powerful in her presence. It was so attractive. My cock yearned passionately for her. She bent her beautiful self over a plush chair and presented her purr-fectly curved sensual ass for me to indulge. And my cock most certainly indulged that woman flesh with hands caressing and stroking the tenderness of her soft skin while I penetrated as deep as her moans and sighs told me to go.

We read one another. It was heavenly being inside her. She felt so so tight and just enough of a squeezing and milking to sensitize my cock but not so much as to make me cum too fast. Y’all know how I like to make it last. But I was so lost in the lust of her that my rules were fading fast. She reading me, turned her head from her own lust and said, “Baby, don’t you worry you sexy fucking man-thang, you just fucking slam me with your cum and I will slam you with mine. We can slow grind like I know you want after we get this burn out of us. Just FUCK me already,” she with narrowed eyes implored of me.

Now how can a man possibly do anything but react with a furious fucking of the burn kind? The whole all encompassing scene of her divinely sexy self, that gorgeous, and I mean fucking beyond delicious ass taking my cock like a porn star. I was minutes later pouring my seed into her. And she groaned deeply and from within her core. Jolts of my cock streaming my cum into her stimulated all her nerves within. My pleasure pleasured her. She felt so good in and out and all the ways permeating through her intense sexuality mingling and dancing with mine.

Holding myself inside her ass as the last shots of my cream poured out and into her she turned her face to meet mine. She peered right into my soul and I stared right back into hers. My cock just kept shooting its joy into her ass. Regaining my dying breaths, I reached around her sweet curves to take her cock in my hand. I stroked her length and squeezed it as I pumped its length discovering what brought her pleasure. What made her squirm and tingle. It was her turn. My mouth salivated and I wanted her in my throat like NOW!

From her lips, across her fine, cute face, down her long neck, over her sweetly curved C’s, down her toned belly, over the peaks and valleys of her hips to her shaft sticking straight out for my attention. I took her into me and gulped her and took my pleasure of her into me. Satisfying the craving for cock of a womanly kind, the best kind, really, for me. Her fingers running wantonly through my hair, she eased more of that sweet phat cock into me. And I took the length of it pushing past the spot making my eyes water and she groaned deeply with my powerful ministrations and attentions to her needs. I could feel her shutter and shake. She was enjoying my salivating, delicious cock work. Occasionally, I would look up sultry like into her eyes and she would groan deeper and push ever so slightly more of her meat down past that point in my throat. With eyes watering and me doing my best not to gag or any such un-sexy thing I eased back just a bit and spent a few minutes bobbing over its sweetness and delicacy.

Taking her delicious ass into my hands while up and down on her I went, my lips went to that numb-like place and I could feel her closing in on that place. To just the right spot on its length I took her; not too far, not to close and I worked it, baby. Like all the practice on my dildo I had spent so many hours salivating on. I had spent a lot of time practicing on toys; people can be so, you know.

Now I had her in my needy little mouth and she was going to cum. Hooray! I found that zone of her pleasure, not too fast, not too slow and the first shots of her cream blasted into me. Oh my, the tangy saltiness of her was divine. Again I made eye contact with her, swallowing her as she pushed me to the edge and slammed it all down there. My eyes watered more but I took her like the porn star she had been to me earlier. It’s a two way street, baby.

And we did get to have each other in all ways possible, but that’s another story for another time…

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