From Depressed to Undressed

All the way from Dark to Light… Undressed, in the Middle of the Night source I was drowning in the weight of my own heavy...
Fierce Force
5 min read

My pussy has a mind of its own.

Gabe Morales via A generally true story inspired by Shia Woods’s series, Please, Ms Callahan. The certification exam is a killer, my colleagues...
Vienna De Vega
3 min read

Come Play With Me

Source: I’m sitting here all alone, just waiting to be used. Baby, you’ve been gone so long. You’re sorely missed. I’ve already played with...
Marley K.
1 min read


I knew I shouldn’t be here. But I didn’t care. After our break up, Scott didn’t ask for his key back. His apartment still...
Kim Taylor
6 min read

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, part 2: The Pool

Sal and I walked to the lobby to take in all the sights and sounds of the resort. I was excited to be at...
Marley K.
9 min read

The Marriage Saver: I’m The Clean Up Woman

You call me a home wrecker. He calls me his marriage saver. I do all of the things you won’t do, you don’t like to...
Marley K.
4 min read

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, part 1: The Suite

Évelin Terres: Pexels Salvador and I met on a business trip years ago, and have a long-term affair situation going on. We genuinely care about...
Marley K.
14 min read

Wanted: Firefighters

Source: By I have a fire in each one of my holes, and I need at least three firemen and perhaps one fire...
Marley K.
1 min read

Goodbye Craigslist Personals

Photo from I am going to miss the infamous Craigslist Personals (CLP) section. CLP gave me the courage to explore my sexual desires...
Marley K.
4 min read

Business not pleasure…

We hadn’t seen each other for months, and when our eyes met across the crowded event centre, a huge smile crept across both our...
8 min read