A Tempting Interruption

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photo: Viv Thomas

You stretch luxuriously as you saunter down the stairs, like a cat rising from a sumptuous nap. You relish the cool caress of your white satin robe as it flutters at your thighs and ripples at your breasts. It’s a gift from me, and you’re wearing it for the first time, hoping to catch me unawares and tempt me into unfastening the loose bow at your waist. You reach the downstairs landing and spy me through the open living room door. You had expected to find me at my desk, working, but instead I’m on the floor, pumping steadily through a set of push-ups. You pause to watch me, drinking in the sight of my toned shoulders and lats as they flex beneath my strappy sports bra, noting how the stretchy fabric of my booty shorts hugs my ass as it rises and falls.

I wrap up my push-ups and flip over, taking a few deep breaths before starting a series of crunches. You gaze hungrily at my tight tummy, licking your lips at the slight sheen of moisture coating my abs… your pussy burns, and you wonder suddenly what it might feel like to grind your throbbing clit into my hard stomach.

I finally notice you as you enter the room, and I choke back my casual greeting at the sight of you. My gaze travels up your long legs as you move to stand over me, placing a foot on either side of my waist. You aren’t wearing any underwear, and I can glimpse your glistening slit under the satin hem.

“Sorry to interrupt,” you grin, “but I need you for a minute.” As you lower yourself slowly onto me, I can’t help but to marvel at the image of you, so angelic in white, yet so devilish in deed. When at last I feel your hot wet cunt press into my stomach, it’s almost too much for me to handle — I’m instantly soaking.

I slip my hands up under your robe to grab your hips, and you gasp as I pull you sharply into me. You grip my waist with your thighs and grind your pelvis down and back, riding me slowly and rhythmically. The friction of my toned belly against your clit is even better than you had imagined — teasing and slight at times, then rough and intense at others… and getting more slippery by the second. Your robe falls off one shoulder, exposing the glorious swell of your breast and baring just the rim of your areola. I try to etch this vision of you into my mind, your decadent body straddling mine, your hands on my ribcage, your head thrown back in pleasure as you moan in time with your thrusts.

When I reach up to cup your divine tits beneath the fabric, you cry out at the sudden firmness of my abs flexing against your cunt. You increase your pace, relishing the intense pressure, bearing down hard onto my stomach. Your robe falls completely away, pooling around your hips to reveal your phenomenal figure, breasts shuddering sumptuously with your wild abandon. I tighten my core and match your rhythm, moving into you as you build steadily to your fiery crescendo. When you come you nearly suffocate me, locking my waist between your unyielding thighs and crushing your cunt into my taut tummy.

You pause for a moment to catch your breath, then lean in to kiss me, deep and long. You’re humming with bliss, your body soft in my hands now, utterly spent. When you lift off me you leave a slick patch of shining nectar on my stomach, encompassing my belly button and tapering like a teardrop at either end — almost as though you’ve branded me as your own.

“Carry on,” you murmur as you leave me lying there, dazed and drenched in more ways than one.

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