My Good Girl

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photo: MetArt

She came out of the bathroom in that black pleated skirt that rode just above her knee and the slightly opaque white shirt partly buttoned and knotted just above her belly button. Wavy brown hair with blonde highlights hung in curls to her shoulders, except for the lengths gathered in two pigtails near the crown of her head. Her cat’s eye glasses revealed twinkling brown eyes. She smiled shyly and waited before approaching me.

I patted my knee, my own skin almost completely naked. The only covering I had was a set of leather straps framing my breasts and waxed mound. The room we rented once a month for our little game was as generic as any hotel could be, but the furniture was comfortable enough, my ass supported by a silky cushion.

The tools I had chosen for this session were laid out on the table beside me, along with a bottle of lube. A paddle, a vibrator, a stainless steel dildo and a selection of silk ties were stark against the white cloth I’d covered the surface with. Those were all for later.

I patted my thighs. “Come over here, my good girl.”

As I spoke the last three words, her smile brightened. Pale pink lipstick framed white teeth. “Yes, ma’am.” She walked towards me, pink toenails — which matched her lipstick — flashed from the open toes of her black pumps. Smooth, pale skin, muscular calves, and thick thighs led up to what I knew was a glorious, round ass. We’d been doing some variation of this dance for five years. I had her body mapped in my mind, but still almost always found something new to appreciate.

I first met her in my role as professor. Ethics prevented me from trying to bed her right away, but I admit we flirted from nearly the moment we locked eyes. As soon as she graduated I sent her two dozen pink roses and a box with the lingerie I’d imagined her in. It was a risk, but when she texted me the picture of her wearing it I knew I’d made the right move.

“What will you have me do first, mistress?” She batted her lashes at me.

“Take your shirt off.” I wanted those round, plump tits in my mouth. I wanted her cotton candy pink nipples on my tongue.

Slowly. Seductively. She undid the knot and popped the few buttons open. Her black bra hugged her voluptuous flesh.

I reached out and filled my hands with black lace and hot skin. They were firm, all-natural. I spread my legs so she could get closer and my mouth latched on to one puffy, lace-covered nipple. The texture of the bra on my tongue made me moan and she echoed with one of her own.

She ran her fingers through my short, dark hair.

I bit down and heard her moan and the long, single syllable of her favorite word leave her mouth. “Fuck.”

I nodded and held her between my teeth. My hands explored under her skirt as she dropped her shirt to the floor. Her fingers worked behind her back to unclasp the bra.

Before it could drop to the floor atop her shirt, I attacked the other nipple. My hands cradled her ass, the main reason I insisted she wear thongs. I never wanted underwear between her ass and my hands when we were together. I massaged her muscles as I continued sucking her nipple.

“Fuck, that feels so good, mistress.” Her nails raked my scalp.

I pulled my mouth away. “You’ve been a good girl and should be rewarded.”

I saw her pout. “I have something to tell you.” Her eyes were moist.


“I’ve been naughty.”

I pushed her away and let her stand there, half-naked and exposed in other ways. “Really?”

“I came while I was in the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t help touching myself. I finger fucked my cunt and licked all of the juices off of my fingers. I played with my clit. I pinched my nipples.” With every word her blush deepened.

“And you came without permission?” I tsked at her.

She nodded.

“I see. Come here. I still love you, but you must be spanked.” I took her over my knee and flipped back her skirt. I could smell how wet she was and could tell that her thong was soaked.

I rubbed that wonderful skin and gave it a solid thwack.

Her moan was soft.

I pinched her. “Let that be the last sound I hear other than your counting.”

She squirmed a little and nodded.

I grabbed one of her pigtails and brought my hand up and down again, once.

“One, mistress.”

My hand was a little warm and so was the skin where a light pink mark now stood out against the white skin of her ass.

I brought down my hand again and again. Each one was announced by a stinging slap sound and her count. I loved spanking by hand to warm her up. It was so intimate and I enjoyed the slight pain in my hand almost as much as she did the tingling warmth that eventually started to sting and then really hurt. Each time I hit her, I moved my hand closer to the join of her legs.

I gave myself a break and slid my finger along the wet furrow of her underwear and the flesh bulging around it. I slid the thin material away from her wet skin and dipped my finger into her quivering entrance.

She’d done well not to make a noise or move much. I couldn’t blame her for the quavering groan she let out. She clenched around my finger.

I pulled my finger out and licked it clean. She had such a fresh, sweet pussy. I dragged her underwear down and off of her legs. Then I handed her panties to her.

She knew what to do, eagerly putting them in her mouth, ostensibly to keep her quiet, but I could hear her sucking.

I grabbed the stainless steel dildo. One end was very phallic and the other consisted of a series of increasingly large metal spheres. I lubed up the spheres and lay the dildo across the small of her back.

She made a humming sound as the cool metal touched her.

I lubed up the index finger of my right hand. “I’m going to warm you up and then we’re going to see how far we can get that into you. Last time you made it up to the fifth sphere. This time we’re going to get to seven and then the spanking will continue.”

She nodded but didn’t make a sound.

I could see in the mirror near the door that her eyes were as large as they got. I slid my finger into her hot rear entrance and worked it around. For me, it was all a little clinical as I was in my stern headspace. That didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the feel of her ass clenching around me. I worked my finger in, faster and deeper, adding more lube until I got a second finger into her easily.

I rhythmically fucked her ass, spreading my fingers and stretching her. Before I pulled out, she was bucking against me and I could feel her leaking against my thighs. I pulled out my fingers and grabbed the dildo. While she was still humping air, I slid the small end in and pushed until I met some resistance. I felt her groan rumble against my body.

“No noises.” I smacked her ass. Then I pulled one cheek towards me and applied more pressure to the dildo. Number five went into her and she clenched around where it narrowed before expanding again. I twisted the metal and added more lube to her skin and the steel.

Her body relaxed against me as she focused on the stretch I knew she was feeling.

The chair underneath me was soaking wet. My cunt ached for her talented fingers and tongue. I wanted to give her a break but I knew that this was important. I was pushing her and she wanted this as much as I wanted it for her. My nipples were stiff in the cool air.

I pushed the dildo in with one hand while I pulled at one of my own nipples. She couldn’t make a noise, but I could. I groaned and let her favorite word pass my lips.

“One more, good girl.” I twisted and she squirmed while I made the heavy steel toy sink into her just that much farther. I rubbed her pink ass and patted it. “There you go.” I grabbed the paddle. “Are you ready?”

She breathed through her nose and nodded. Careful to avoid the cock-shaped tail she now had, I brought the paddle down onto her ass. This felt more like a thud than a sharp sting, I knew well from experience. Each time I brought the paddle down, she squeaked out a number. It was barely audible through the wad of panties.

Every other thud and I would give the anal toy a twist. I loved how her skin glowed and how her muscles twitched. Her pussy was drooling against me and her mouth was connected to the floor by thin strands of saliva. Her hair hung down in her face.

“Are you good?” I checked in with her.

She nodded vigorously.

“Just a little more.” I brought the paddle down once and then once again. That’s when I felt it. Her body started twitching and her legs trembling. If she wasn’t already coming, she was close. “Come for me, baby. You’re a good girl.” I gave her one more blow.

That sent her over the edge. She started thrashing and moaning. She spat out the panties, letting loose a stream of spit and “Fucks!”

I dropped the paddle and turned the dildo.

“Fuck, yes!”

I reached between her lips to slide my fingers in and out while I continued playing with the steel cock, like it was a joystick. “Keep coming for me, baby.”

“Yes, mistress! Oh, thank you!” She bucked and thrashed in my lap.

As her body quivered and shook against me, I took out the dildo and placed it on the white cloth. I took her up in my arms and carried her over to the big bed. Once I had her laying down on her side, I rubbed her red skin and spooned against her while murmuring in her ear.

“Such a good girl. My good girl.” She trembled against me and I kissed her ear. I held her as she calmed. We had a lot of fun in front of us and I needed my good girl back in her right mind.

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